Learn on The Go: Training App by Gerchik & Co. Complete Training and Snatch A Reward for What You’ve Learnt!


Do you find the standard online courses too dull to further your interest in trading or knowledge improvement? Gerchik & Co has unveiled a smartphone app that makes learning to trade both entertaining and practical.

Learn from industry top experts and get a REWARD in addition to the knowledge and skills you gain!

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Here’s how the app works
After downloading, you can begin your training at either the basic or advanced level, depending on your current trading expertise.

You will get your hands on the following goodies:

  • Lessons from Alex Gerchik and other seasoned experts
  • Hands-on knowledge of technical analysis and risk management
  • Real-world market examples, charts, and videos
  • Helpful resources for winning trades
  • Quizzes to check what you’ve learned
  • Reward at the completion of training

The more points, the cooler the reward

There is a quiz at the end of each lesson, and you get 1 point for every question you get right.

Collect as many points as you can because there's a surprise waiting for you at the end of the training: you’ll be able to exchange your points for a bonus. More points equal a more awesome reward!

Ready to get started? Download the app FOR FREE and get the ball rolling!

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