How to Start Investing in TIMA

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TIMA is a simple and straightforward trust management solution enabling you to earn money without having to actually trade. What you do is invest in a manager of your choosing and he or she makes trades on your behalf.

Benefits of TIMA:

Active Investing.
Active Investing.
You can personally choose the manager you like and keep an eye on his or her trading performance. Nobody but you can withdraw profits from the TIMA account when the time is right.
Risk Management.
Risk Management.
Many TIMA managers use Risk Manager, a software solution designed to minimize trading risks.
You can pick several managers with different risk and performance indicators.
Convenience & Affordability.
Convenience & Affordability.
The initial deposit starts from $100. On top of that, you can withdraw profit from $0.01.
Find out how much profit you can earn with our TIMA service.
TIMA Account Annual ROI
The annual return on investment (in percentage terms) of a TIMA account you wish to invest in. You can find relevant information by selecting “TIMA Account Rating” from the “For Investors” drop-down list.
Investment Amount
Indicate your preferred investment amount
Investment Period
Choose your preferred investment period. Please note that you will not be able to withdraw your deposit before its expiration date.
1 День
250 Days
500 Days
750 Days
1000 Days
Manager’s Remuneration
Indicate remuneration payable to and stipulated by the manager. You can find relevant information by selecting — TIMA Account Rating” from the “For Investors” drop-down list.
40 %
80 %
Calculate the size of your returns if you decide not to withdraw the profit but rather to reinvest it.
Trading Period
Period of profit distribution among a manager and his or her investors. You can find relevant information by selecting — TIMA Account Rating om the “For Investors” drop-down list.
1 неделя
  • 1 неделя
  • 2 недели
  • 1 месяц
  • 2 месяца
  • 3 месяца
  • 1 год
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