METATRADER 4 Trading Platforms: all-in-one interface, customization and stable operation.

METATRADER 4 Trading Platform: All-in-one interface, customization, and stable operation since 2005.


METATRADER 4 is a comprehensive trading software suitable for trading currency pairs and contracts for difference(CFDs). With all-in-one interface, all of the features are right at your fingertips. Now there’s no need to waste time and money looking for any additional software.

MT4 offers 9 timeframes to choose from for your desired strategy: be it scalping, intraday, or long-term trading. 3 types of charts for effortless technical analysis. 30 built-in and an unlimited number of customized indicators, including REAL MARKET VOLUME brought to you by Gerchik & Co. You can add any trading robot or Expert Advisor, as well as check the news without having to exit the terminal.

90% of traders around the globe are using the platform today. Join those who are already making money. Get registered with Gerchik & Co and download the platform in your personal account.


Keep your trades under control! Get registered to be able to download MT4 for all your devices, and sync your trading. Use a mobile version to log in to the platform at the staff meeting, during a lunch break, or on vacation. Install software on your desktop or laptop to use robots, Expert Advisors, and additional indicators.

MT4 downloading and installation procedure does not have any fundamental differences.


MetaTrader 4 and simplifies the entire trading process. All necessary tools such as Market Watch, chart setup and timeframes are within easy reach. This means that the trader does not have to switch between programs, while being able to fully focus on open positions and analysis of the current situation.

It is suitable for any strategy and trade type. Got no time to sit and wait for the entry point? MT4 has a pending order feature, whereby positions are opened by the software automatically when the price reaches a pre-defined level.

Chart customization is available. You can mark the levels, highlight the corridor wherein the price is moving, and draw the trend direction in MetaTrader 4 / MetaTrader 5. The better the visibility, the less false market entries.


• Simple and clear program setup. The interface is available in English with straightforward indications and a large menu.

• 370+ tradable instruments at Gerchik & Co. Currency pairs, CFDs on cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, metals, ETF, oil, and gas.

• Tools designed for full-scale technical analysis. Available functionality to customize the chart, search for candlestick patterns, graphic models, and levels.

• Trading assistants. Trend, reversal indicators, and software demonstrating position volume. Trading robots and Expert Advisors can be connected and used for algorithmic trading.

• Customization of alerts notifying that entry points appear. From simple price levels to advanced MQL4 programming.

• Information protection and full confidentiality when opening an account. The data stored on the server is encrypted.

Start making money today! Register with Gerchik & Co and install MT4 Trading Platform on your device. Take advantage of its features to increase your trading profits in less time.

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