Black Friday at Gerchik & Co: Grab up to 20% discounts

Gerchik & Co will have a special offer with up to 20% discounts on basic trading tools from November 17 until November 26.

Here’s what discounts await you

Grab a full set of trading solutions brought to you by Gerchik & Co!

The special offer applies to the following trading tools:

Black Friday at Gerchik & Co: lite boxLITE BOX

10% OFF

Black Friday at Gerchik & Co: smart boxSMART BOX

15% OFF

Black Friday at Gerchik & Co: super boxSUPER BOX

20% OFF

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What trading tools by Gerchik & Co are we talking about

Gerchik & Co offers various sets of tools and educational materials. This is a comprehensive solution for traders with varying experience. Strategies, video workshops, tools for risk management and consistent trading!

Using trading tools, you can start trading with Gerchik & Co in the personal account.

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