Congratulations to the winners of the New Year's promotion!


Dear friends, Gerchik & Co New Year Promotion, which lasted from December 10, 2022 to January 10, 2023, has ended. It is time to find out who has won the prizes:

  • The most stylish trader in 2023 76865 is the owner of a trendy iPhone 14. Such a present is a good start of the year; may the whole year be as successful and cool as this gadget!
  • The trendy Apple Watch are awarded 113112 and 95060. This most accurate smart watch in the world will help you definitely keep abreast of the market and never miss a single important event!
  • Well, the New Year brought a particularly lucrative gift to these participants. 107131, 14455, 112710, 1298 и 113179 they became the owners of the top rate “Reboot” from Wall Street trader Aleksandr Gerchik. Let this knowledge become the basis of your financial growth in the coming year!

Here is how the drawing took place:

We sincerely congratulate the winners; gifts are already waiting for you!

Moreover, of course, congratulations to all participants of the action. After all, everyone who has chosen the path of a trader is already a winner. We wish you all to conquer new heights in 2023. In addition, we at Gerchik & Co will be happy to help you with this!

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