Top TIMA Strategies, September 2023


According to September results, we will highlight the top-performing TIMA strategies that consistently deliver profits to investors, offering them a source of passive income. Our selection encompasses a range of strategies, from aggressive to conservative, as well as those with a moderate risk approach, catering to the preferences of a diverse group of investors.

Agressive Strategies

Derevo strategy has maintained its top position in the TIMA strategy ranking, consistently delivering impressive profits and gaining popularity. With over 1,200 days of the manager's account management, the strategy has achieved a remarkable 716.41% in profitability, with a maximum drawdown of 59.57%.

In the reporting month, the strategy yielded a return of 0.91%. The number of active investors grew from 126 to 130, collectively representing 98.89% of the capital.


Over the course of 761 days of the account manager's work, the SNP2021 strategy has delivered an impressive profitability of 364.32%, with a monthly yield of 0.49%.

SNP2021 is classified as an aggressive strategy, featuring a maximum drawdown of 73.88%. In the past month, the number of active investors in this strategy grew from six to eight, and their capital share increased from 25.73% to 40.51%.


In 271 days since it was created, the Andromeda strategy has demonstrated a whooping profitability of 389.09%. This strategy falls under the category of moderately aggressive, boasting a maximum drawdown level of 45.42%.

In the month of September, the number of active investors in the Andromeda strategy surged from seven to twelve, and they collectively held 73.61% of the capital.


The E-Capital strategy has delivered a remarkable return of 401.33% over a span of 494 days. Throughout this period, the maximum drawdown remained at 58.39%.

The E-Capital strategy currently has 50 active investors, collectively holding 95.04% of the capital.

It's worth noting a recent dip in the E-Capital's yield curve, which presents an opportune moment for new investors to get on board. Typically, a drawdown is followed by an upswing, making it an attractive entry point.


The SECRET strategy stands as one of the longest-running and most lucrative performers in the TIMA rating. Over the course of 1523 days, it has achieved a profitability of 109.83%. The maximum drawdown experienced during this timeframe was 66.64%.

In September, SECRET delivered a solid 1.27% return to its investors.


Moderate and Conservative Strategies

The Brilliant strategy has been active for 2096 days, delivering a yield of 117.56%. This strategy is characterized by a cautious approach, involving a limited number of trades made according to a well-established trading strategy, resulting in a low level of risk.

Throughout the entire period of the manager's work on the account, the maximum drawdown remained below 18.27%, highlighting an excellent risk-to-return ratio.


Level Trading Profy

Level Trading Profy is a cautious and reliable strategy known for its smooth yield curve. This strategy is particularly appealing to risk-averse investors who prioritize capital preservation and gradual growth.

With over 1022 days of the manager's dedicated account management, the strategy’s profitability totaled 33.21%, while maintaining a maximum drawdown level of no more than 15.27%. Currently, the strategy has two active investors who collectively hold 99.99% of the capital share.

Level Trading Profy

Golden Trade is a recently established and conservative strategy notable for its low-risk profile. Over the course of 122 days under the manager's guidance, it has achieved a profitability rate of 27.98%, all while keeping its maximum drawdown at a manageable 19.05%.

This strategy is particularly well-suited for cautious investors who prefer the steady growth of their capital.

Level Trading Profy

*This rating is for informational purposes only and does not contain any recommendations for investment decisions.

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