Interview with Alexander Gerchik. Part 3. On prophetic dreams, trading, and education


Trading is a very precise business where figures play a leading role.

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Mr. Gerchik, would you mind sharing an interesting story from your trading experience?

Oh yes, I remember one curious episode when my dream turned out to be prophetic. There was this stock that was trading at around $20 at the time. And in my dream, I bought it and it suddenly skyrocketed. So, I came to work after that. As you know, I trade levels, so I chose one for this stock which was slightly above $20, and entered a position. The stock went up dramatically that day.

Otherwise, I have a system and a job. Nothing leaves me stunt anymore. I just do my homework every day, then come to work and trade it.

Are you still doing it?

I often get asked whether I’m still trading. Yes, I do. Almost every day. In early November, I purchased an S&P futures. It wasn’t a trade worth thousand dollars. However, I bought it and made profit.

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You are already an accomplished and recognized trader. Do you face any difficulties these days?

There is one challenge that remains at different stages of your trading career. It is a market environment. The trader must never slack. When it comes to trading, having self-discipline is crucial.

Do you remember what was going on before, during and after the elections? The market is very volatile. If you don’t manage to pal up with it, it is going to rip you apart. So, you must take market volatility very seriously.


Alexander Gerchik: Quote by the Number 1 Trader

You probably know everything there is to know about the market and trading at this point. Is there still a room for improvement, though?

Basically, I am evolving every day. Every day I am checking the charts and it helps me to stay in shape and continue improving.

Trading is an endless business. The sky’s the limit here. You can continue evolving and reaching new heights constantly. If you wish to make $10 million, it’s not a problem. You want $100 million? Go for it and make money.

Alexander Gerchik: Quote by the Number 2 Trader

Many newbies are on the quest for the Holy Grail or, to be more precise, some super strategy that will help them to be the first in the market, to beat it. Were you looking for one yourself?

I am not trying to beat everyone and be the first. I’m just striving to be the best. This is why I wasn’t looking for any Holy Grails. I personally believe that Holy Grail in the trading world is the way you trade, how and what you do. That’s what Holy Grail is all about.

I wasn’t searching for one in the first place because I knew that my task was to create a system that would help me earn. To me, the Holy Grail is a system which helps snatch profits in the market. Nothing more, nothing less.

Alexander Gerchik: Quote by the Number 3 Trader

How do you get prepped for your webinars and workshops?

I always make sure to find something interesting to share with my audience. I browse through questions I receive and read the comments. Based on these, I then plan out my speeches, webinars, and workshops.

My goal is to help you spot your own mistakes and not repeat them. And if you made them, I try to explain why it happened and how to fix it.

I try my best to make it really interesting and insightful for everyone. And in pure Gerchik’s fashion, I put it in plain English so that complex concepts are easy to understand.

What, in your opinion, should traders always keep in mind?

There is this great saying, “How do you make the right decisions? By making wrong ones.” Don’t be scared of bad decisions. What’s important is to know how and why they happened.

Each trader who earns consistently in the market knows that losing trades are all part of it. Everyone makes mistakes. You just have to fix them. And for this Gerchik & Co offers a great variety of tools to choose from.

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