How Much Did TIMA Managers Make from May 5 through May 11, 2021


Overview of TIMA Managers:

1. Fund Stratum
2. Derevo
3. Spaceors renewal
4. key level trading
5. Trading Ukraine 2020

Fund Stratum

Trust management: Fund Stratum strategy overview as of May 11, 2021

Remaining at the top of the ranking, Fund Stratum is an aggressive, high-yield strategy that continues to keep investors on their toes. The level of profitability achieved in the course of 341 days is 577.58%. In terms of the reporting week, the manager made 26.06% in profits, with a maximum drawdown being at 90.32%.


Trust management: Derevo strategy overview as of May 11, 2021

The profitability hit the 246.51% mark in 325 days. This is a strategy characterized by a moderate risk profile and the maximum drawdown not exceeding 40.24%. The strategy will be a great fit for investors who are willing to take medium risks to earn high passive income.

Spaceors renewal

Trust management: Spaceors renewal strategy overview as of May 11, 2021

In the course of 971 days of its existence, the strategy reached a 145.71% yield. The manager sticks to a conservative approach, taking cautious risks and gradually increasing the trading balance. The maximum drawdown for the entire time period has not exceeded 23.73%. Spaceors renewal yielded 4.1% for the reporting week.

key level trading

Trust management: key level trading strategy overview as of May 11, 2021

Investing in key level trading strategy will be a good option for those who are ready to multiply their funds slowly but surely without having to deal with additional risks. The profitability reached 124.56% in the course of 753 days, with a maximum drawdown of 24.27% and an average monthly yield of 3.16%.

Trading Ukraine 2020

Trust management: Trading Ukraine 2020 strategy overview as of May 11, 2021

Over the period of 250 days of account management, the manager achieved 104.67% in profits. Demonstrating a 73.23% maximum drawdown, this strategy belongs to aggressive ones. Investors who are not intimidated by taking substantial risks for the sake of high yield should definitely look into Trading Ukraine 2020 as an attractive investment option.


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