The Year of the Metal Ox: what traders can expect


The new year is on its way, and so it’s time to make new trading plans. The 2020 Metal Rat clearly surprised us all, to say the least! What will the Metal Ox be like and what does financial horoscope 2021 have in store for traders?

In the Chinese horoscope (that’s where these animal symbols come from), the Metal Ox represents reliability, thoroughness, and sense of purpose. There is a good reason why pushy people are often called “stubborn as an ox”. They are typically the ones who take financial markets by storm because they stay determined and don’t quit.

Aside from that, the ox is relatively cautious and practical. It doesn’t like to back down and succeeds in situations where others give up.

This is one of the most essential character traits when it comes to trading in financial markets! Only those who stick to their trading plans and do not violate the rules of the trading strategy are able to achieve consistent profits.


Aren’t sure whether your trading plan is good or not? Feel like you are lacking the discipline to follow through with it? In 2021, it’s time to grab the bull by its horns and pimp your trading with the Reboot of Your Trading course brought to you by Alex Gerchik himself.

Thanks to its stamina and persistency, the bull became one of the universal symbols of the stock market with a permanent residency on Wall Street! Traders and investors from around the globe come to see this massive 3,200 kg bronze sculpture to get inspired.

Financial horoscope for traders for the Year of Metal Ox

When it comes to trading, the bull symbolizes the uptrend. It tosses its opponent (the bear) with its horns and pushes the price up. However, it doesn’t mean that you can make money by opening long positions only. The market will always be fast-paced and you will have plenty of possibilities to go short or long, and profit from it. Besides, there is an upgraded Real Market Volume that will help you find the best entry points.

You will definitely be able to grab the bull by the horns in the financial sector the next year. But only if you manage to get the upper hand with your emotions!

Yes, controlling your emotions is a number-one task. We know that the special thing about oxen is that it gets easily furious and can smash everything around it. And who knows what red flags 2021 has prepared for us 😉.


The most important thing is for you to get on top of your inner “bull” and don’t let it wipe the floor with your trading account! A reliable software solution Risk Manager can prevent it from happening.

Whatever the coming year of the Metal Ox holds, don’t forget that your success is in your hands. Make the most of the possibilities the market presents you with while we at Gerchik & Co will make sure to help you reach your financial goals faster!

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