We pay for each trade made by the trader who clicked on your link and landed on our website. No restrictions on time, traded volume and no risk to the partner’s reputation. Add banners and referral links to attract clients. Once they get registered, we pay you up to 40% of the commission fee for lots traded by the clients. Apply to get affiliate program activated and make $500 a month in passive income.


Traders, investors and account managers. Web developers and owners of financial websites, along with social media group managers, bloggers, and forum administrators. Gerchik & Co has 1,000+ partners.

Would you like to start your own business? Do you know those who are interested in trading? Do you publish articles or make posts about money and ways to make them online? In that case, Web Partner Forex Affiliate Program is exactly what you need to monetize your efforts.

Social media group admin, forum administrator or blogger

Website owner who covers the topics relating to economy, finances, investment and online trading.

Trader relies on Gerchik & Co as a professional and industry leader.

Spread information about
the company and
attract the clients

The clients trade and the partners receive a daily remuneration up to 40% of the commission per each lot traded by attracted clients depending on the account type and tradable instruments.

Referral links

Post links to the pages of Gerchik & Co website using your personal referral code. You can get it, once the program is activated. The code serves as an identifier. Clients who click on the link are assigned to you, even if they do not get registered immediately, but after 1, 2 and even 3 months, since we store cookies for 90 days.


Promotional materials containing information on special offers in the company, handy services, contests and trading terms. A referral link is embedded in each image. Pick a suitable banner in your Partner Account, add it to the website and keep an eye on the number of clicks.

RSS feed

Add it to your web resource to publish all of the latest information from Gerchik & Co website automatically. This may include company news, press releases of upcoming events, Forex analytics and financial market news. The handier the materials, the more clicks on your link.

Forex Affiliate Program by Gerchik & Co requires no special or expert knowledge. To join the program, you don’t have to make any investment. Desire to share useful information with people is more than enough. Give it a try now!


You have posted promotional materials, recommended a broker to your friends and attracted 10 clients in the course of a month. Each of them opened a Mini or Simple account, deposited $500 - $1,000 and started trading.

Over the course of a month, clients traded 15 lots. The remuneration for 1 lot is $4. We calculate the profit as follows: $4 x 15 lots x 10 customers = $600. That’s your profit from cooperating with Gerchik & Co!

You have attracted 10 clients who are trading with Mini or Simple account
In the course of a month, each client has traded 15 lots. Remuneration per 1 lot is $4.
Therefore,your income will be calculated according to the following formula:$4 х 15 lots х 10 =$600

Next month you have attracted 10 more customers. If they continue trading actively, the remuneration for their traded lots and payments already attracted customers are summed up. We pay for each trader and investor throughout the entire period of their activities. Grow your profits exponentially!



Register with the company and upload copies of documents for verification. It will take less than 10 minutes! Verify your identity to protect your profits made in the affiliate program.


Apply for affiliate program activation in the Personal Account.


Create a Partner’s Account to get a referral code and promotional materials.

Spread the word about the advantages of trading with Gerchik & Co to make your own list of referrals. Sum up payments received for each client attracted by you at different times and make money during the entire time of their trading. Earn in EUR and USD starting from the first month of cooperation. Get affiliate program activated right now!


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