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Just like any other type of money-related activities, trading in the financial markets requires not only the ability to accurately predict the movement direction, but also perform correct calculations, for example, using the Trader’s Calculator.

However, a comprehensive approach is primarily the key precondition for stable income. And it wouldn’t hurt to have all of the needed tools in a brokerage company you are trading with. These include educational programs of varying complexity, money and risk management services, trading indicators and software for trading analysis. This is exactly how the aforementioned comprehensive approach is implemented.


1. Trader’s Calculator: Calculating the Entry Volume
2. Everything the trader needs in one place!

Trader’s Calculator and other solutions by Gerchik & Co

Trader’s Calculator: Calculating the Entry Volume

Capital management is one of the main pillars of successful training. It is important not only to determine where the price is going to head next but also limit the risks using the stop loss order and accurately chosen entry volume.

Based on one of the common capital management approaches, the risk in the deposit currency per one trade must be about 1–2 %, or even less.


In order to maintain this figure, you need to accurately choose the lot volume you are going to open a position with.

To achieve that, the input parameters should include the pip size for the selective trading instrument and the size of the stop-loss order. To calculate each one using the old-fashioned way of a pen and paper, you would have to waste a lot of time which is critical when opening the trade.

To speed up this process, you can use a forex trader’s calculator. With this handy solution, all you have to do is enter the relevant parameters in the input window and all of the calculations will be done automatically which will help save the time and not waste precious seconds for entering at the best price.

Everything the trader needs in one place!

One of the first tasks the newbie trader has to tackle is to choose the right broker. There are many trustworthy companies that are offering comfortable trading conditions and excellent services. So, it makes sense to check out additional advantages. E.g. Gerchik & Со is a brokerage company founded by traders with traders in mind. Only an experienced trader who has been operating in the market for 20 years truly knows what traders need to improve trading performance and reap bigger profits.

The company offers several levels of educational programs designed not only for the newbies but also advanced traders. There are also a variety of automated solutions to choose from including trading calculators. We shall cover the main solutions below.

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Training from scratch and until you are a pro

Typically, educational products are designed for the market newbies in order to explain what Forex is all about, how to make money with it and what tools to use. Gerchik & Со understands that traders need to continuously grow and evolve to protect their deposit, and this is why the company offers products for the traders with a varying degree of experience and knowledge. You don’t have to look for other companies to complete basic training and become a trader who turned trading in financial markets into a source of stable income.

1. Learn how to trade with the mentor bot. If you are only thinking about trying your hand at trading in the financial markets, the first thing you need to do is to complete a trading course, gain a basic understanding of the key concepts, and learn about the key stages of trading. The format of the training allows you to learn at a pace you are comfortable with. Educational webinars. Once you master the theory, webinars will help to figure out the intricacies and the practical side of trading. The experts are creating educational and analytical content regularly.

2. Reboot of Your Trading Training Course. This is one of the most popular educational programs. It is a practical course with the home tasks, analysis of the trading scenarios, life hacks and description of various trading techniques.

Risk Manager and Trader’s Statistics: A penny saved is a penny earned

While the newbie traders are on a hunt for the best trading strategy and Holy Grail, experienced market players know that the risk management skills are crucial when it comes to trading. It is vital to place stop losses and enter the right way using the Trader’s Calculator.

Risk Manager. Psychology has no small impact on the trading outcome. More often than not, the traders tend to break their own rules once their emotions gain the upper hand. To avoid this from happening, Gerchik & Co has come up with the automated solution Risk Manager designed to help you stick to your own risk management system. You enter the risk values, and the program will be monitoring their compliance for you.

Trader’s Statistics. In order to trade profitably, you have to analyze trading and identify your weak spots. When it comes to trading, these may include loss-generating assets. Trader’s Statistics is designed to help analyze your deals. In essence, this is a trading log where all of your positions are entered automatically. Everyone knows that keeping a trading journal is essential. However, only a few actually have one, while the others just keep making promises to themselves to start doing it. With this solution, not a single trade you make will go missing.

The accurate statistics provides an objective picture that, in turn, can help identify the strength and weakness of the strategy. Stop fooling yourself. Enable the Trader’s Statistics, and keep an automated trading journal hassle-free.

Strategies and indicators designed for successful trading

Trading without a strategy is an impossible task, since any successful business needs a success roadmap.

Success Formula. Strategy is the backbone of profitable trading. The traders oftentimes wish to change it or test out something new. Gerchik & Co offers the Success Formula, a trading strategy with outlined risk management parameters. This will greatly save your time. Aside from that, other trading strategies are also available at the company.

Algorithm Developer. This solution helps develop a trading plan. There is already a ton of articles and reviews covering this topic, yet many traders still neglect it. Quite frankly, this is not the smartest decision, especially when there is a free developer that will help factor in every little detail. Don’t put the creation of a trading plan on the back burner. Make your own life easier - create a bulletproof plan to trade profitably.

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Real Market Volume. Using a trading terminal is a handy way to trade in financial markets. This platform with an intuitive interface has all the necessary tools for market analysis and trading. But there is one problem - you cannot check out the real trading volumes using MT4. Gerchik & Co tackled this issue by creating the Real Market Volume, an indicator which demonstrates market volumes in real time. This tool will help you analyze the market and gain an understanding of the key price levels.

Open a TIME account if you want to have more money for trading

Experienced traders who are trading profitably thanks to the TIMA service offered by Gerchik & Co can become managers.

Open an account, trade, demonstrate solid profitability, and investors will connect to you, increasing your trading deposit with their money.

Now, if you don’t have any initial capital to get started, fear not because you can enter the demo account contest and get your hands on the investment credited by the company to the TIMA account in case of a win.

Gerchik & Co has everything that a trader can possibly need. This means that you do not have to search the web for the relevant information and services. In the company founded by traders with traders in mind, you can get everything you need in one place!

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