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The assignments for self-check after each class.
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  • How to Enter the Trade Correctly Checklist
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Thousands of traders have completed the free trading course. And here’s what they have to say:
Olga Bilan
This is an amazing broker, always a pleasure to be dealing with the pros. The training solutions are excellent! As far as training with a mentor bot goes, I have never come across an easier explanation of the trading basics. I had a very positive experience with it.
Yana Soroka
I started trading at this broker 2 years back. The overall experience was good. When training with a mentor bot was unveiled, I decided to give it a try out of sheer curiosity. In the process of training, I realized that I have previously overlooked a lot of things in my trading. This is a real-deal broker who is actually interested in helping its customers succeed. This statement takes on a whole new meaning when you complete the training and your performance improves.
I underwent training at Gerchik & Co. The mentor bot will not let you get lost in the “data” jungle. All of the information and training content are outlined in a precise and clear manner, no fluff or complex explanations. Now that’s the training approach we all need. You should definitely give it a try.
I started learning to trade on my own but couldn’t figure out a lot of things. And the mentor bot by Gerchik & Co helped me make sense of everything. There are videos and articles which help immensely. Things are explained in a clear manner. After completing the training, I started trading in a demo account, and then a live account. Thanks for making your bot freely available!
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