Maximize Your Gains with Zero Commissions: Cyber Monday Extravaganza at Gerchik & Co!


While Black Friday has come to an end, lucrative deals linger! Gerchik & Co presents another round of holiday discounts for Cyber Monday. To help make your online trading as profitable as possible, we offer two commission-free replenishment days!*

On Monday, November 27, and Tuesday, November 28, 2023, only, top up your Gerchik & Co account for an amount equal to $100 or higher, and the company will reimburse your commission charges. Keep in mind that your benefits increase with the size of your replenishment.

Trade like Alex Gerchik!

With 25 years of trading experience, Alex Gerchik emphasizes, "Before making money through trading, one must first learn how not to lose." This advice encompasses effective risk management and not missing out on the benefits. So, if you have a chance to avoid unnecessary commissions, you better seize it!

Trade like a pro and watch every earned dollar multiply by at least tenfold. What’s more, you can forget about commissions for these two days!

Replenish Account Commission-Free

*Commission reimbursement excludes internal bank commissions, such as those incurred for double currency conversion.