Black Friday Auction: Win a Consultation with Alex Gerchik


Rare, unique, and valuable items are found only at auctions; they are rarely for sale otherwise. In alignment with this principle, Gerchik & Co is hosting a Black Friday auction featuring a single item: a personal consultation with the renowned trader Alex Gerchik!

Typically, Alex Gerchik refrains from personal consultations due to his busy trading schedule. However, exclusively for Gerchik & Co customers and solely on Black Friday, he's making a special exception.

Wish to get an exclusive trading consultation? Seize the chance by participating in our auction from November 20 to 24, 2023.

Check out the participation rules below:

  • Between November 20 and November 24, top up your Gerchik & Co account. The greater the replenishment amount, the greater your shot at winning.
  • Daily, we'll unveil the participant leaderboard on our social media platforms, allowing you to catch up to the current frontrunner.
  • The auction winner will be unveiled live by Alex Gerchik, who might just pronounce your name as the winner! So, give it a shot.

Read detailed rules here - Rules

Step into an auction experience reminiscent of Christie’s or Sotheby’s: a thousand dollars, two thousand, who will bid more? The excitement of auction trading is palpable—three thousand! Imagine that thrill multiplied by three thousand times... Are you sensing the anticipation? Brace yourself; we're starting soon! If you're not yet part of Gerchik & Co, join now to seize your chance to participate.

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