The winner’s name in the «Catch the Rat by the Tail» action has become known


Yesterday the «Catch the Rat by the Tail» action came to an end, and today the name of the lucky one, who will get the Apple up-to-date gadget under the Christmas tree form Gerchik & Co forex broker, has become known.

The Action was held from 12.12.2019 to 26.12.2019, and each active client of the Company, who had replenished his/her account by $1,000 and more within this period of time, could participate in it.

There was a serious «chase for the fortune», as a great prize was at stake — iPad Pro 11 256 GB. By tradition the impartial randomizer determined a winner. And it was:

  • MedBond Organization

Please see the video below to learn how the giveaway was taking place

We congratulate the owner of the great tablet – a manager of the Company will contact him/her. We believe that this gadget will become a reliable helper in trading and a good «friend» during the leisure time.

We thank everyone who participated in the action. In any case you have caught your fortune by the tail, because financial markets are huge opportunities that have opened just in front of you. Our congratulations to all on the upcoming holidays. We are sure that everyone still has an infinite number of successful chances, victories and great prizes.

Trade profitably and with pleasure together with Gerchik & Co forex broker!

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