Active Summer 2020 Special Is Over. Congratulations to Our Winners!

Active Summer 2020 Special Is Over

Summer days are gone and that means that we are saying good-bye to the Active Summer 2020 Special!

Based on results of the giveaway, our August winners are:

  • Aleksandr and Sergey, became the owners of home grills and can now host picnics no matter the weather or season.
  • Vladimir and GLEB, won sports bikes and can now forget about traffic jams and enjoy the great outdoors while doing their bit for the environment.
  • Sherali and URI, can already prepare trading-related questions they wish to ask Alexander Gerchik during one-on-one consultation!

But wait, there is more! We hosted a giveaway of three cool smartphones among those who took part in our Summer Special in the course of June, July, and August.

And the lucky winners are:

  • Nikolay Voronin
  • Vladimir
  • Viktoriya
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