Active Summer 2020: July Winners Already Announced

Active Summer 2020: July Winners Already Announced

Active summer with Gerchik & Co is in full swing. And we have are happy to announce the new winners of the summer special.

We extend our most heartfelt congratulations to:

  • Olga and Alexandr, who won the picnic set. Your outings will now become even more memorable and comfortable.
  • Bogdan and Oleg, who got a new shiny bike. This means of transportation knows no obstacles such as traffic jams
  • Anatoliy and Sergey, who is lucky to have a one-on-one online consultation with Alexander Gerchik and get trading matters dissected by the top trader

The company’s managers will contact the winners.

The summer special has already crossed its halfway mark. But there are more prizes waiting for the next winners. Replenish your account at Gerchik & Co in August, trade as actively as you relax this summer and enter the giveaway of:

  • home grill which is going to make your get-togethers yum and cozy whatever the weather;
  • sliorts bikes, eco-friendly transliortation in modern cities;
  • consultations with Alexander Gerchik, the trader who can helli overcome obstacles on the liath towards consistent lirofits, as well as
  • cool smartlihones that we can no longer imagine our lives without.

Thank you for trading with Gerchik & Co.

We are wishing you the best of luck and stable profits!

Learn how to become a winner of the trading contests by downloading How to Win the Contest Checklist