Top TIMA Strategies, October 2023


Top 5 most profitable strategies since their inception:

In our monthly overview, we provide investors with a selection of top TIMA strategies that consistently excel in generating profits, enabling them to grow their capital passively over an extended period. While the most profitable strategies carry a higher risk, there are also options with a more cautious approach to managing risk.

Agressive Strategies

The Derevo strategy has maintained its top position in the rankings for many months now. Its remarkable profitability has sustained its popularity, making it a sought-after choice for those wishing to earn passive income.

Over the course of 1,231 days of the manager's account management, the strategy has achieved an impressive 860.08% return with a maximum drawdown of just 59.57%.

In the recent reporting month, the strategy delivered a 9.60% return. Currently, Derevo has 117 active investors, who collectively hold 98.83% of the capital.


Over the course of 302 days of existence, the Andromeda strategy demonstrated an impressive 343.00% profitability. It falls under the category of moderately aggressive due to a maximum drawdown that remained below 45.42% throughout its entire existence.

Currently, there are eleven active investors in the Andromeda strategy, collectively representing 75.37% of the total capital


The SNP2021 strategy has delivered a 305.88% return to investors over the course of 792 days of account management.

SNP2021 belongs to aggressive strategies with a maximum drawdown of 73.88%.

At the moment, the strategy has four active investors, with capital shares ranging from 13.25% to 40.51%.


The SECRET strategy has consistently ranked as one of the most profitable in the TIMA rating. Over 1554 days, it has achieved total profitability of 127.48%, while the maximum drawdown during this period reached 66.64%.

In the month of October alone, the SECRET strategy yielded a 6.78% return to investors.


The E-Capital strategy has demonstrated a profitability of 103.26% within 525 days. Despite a maximum drawdown level of 95.61% for the entire duration, the E-Capital strategy currently has 45 active investors, collectively holding a substantial 94.89% share of the capital.

Judging by the yield curve, the E-Capital strategy has emerged from the drawdown phase and is commencing its recovery, offering an excellent opportunity for new investors to join, as growth typically follows a drawdown period.


Moderate and Conservative Strategies

Brilliant has been in use for 2127 days, with a profitability level of 115.03%. It is a cautious strategy characterized by a limited number of trades. The manager makes trades sparingly but with a meticulously calibrated approach, allowing for capital growth with a notably low level of risk.

Throughout the entire duration of the manager's work on the account, the maximum drawdown has never exceeded 18.27%. This attracts cautious investors who appreciate its excellent risk-reward ratio.


Level Trading Profy

Level Trading Profy is yet another cautious strategy marked by a steady yield curve. It appeals to conservative investors who prioritize capital accumulation without taking undue risks.

Over the manager's 1053 days of work on the account, the strategy achieved profitability of 31.74%, with a maximum drawdown of just 15.27%. There are two active investors in this strategy, jointly holding 99.99% of the capital share.

Level Trading Profy

Botir Golden Trade is a relatively new cautious strategy with a low risk profile. In the course of 146 days of the manager's work on the account, the strategy has yielded a 14.42% profitability, while the maximum drawdown was at 30.16%.

Investing in this strategy allows to gradually and securely build capital with a low level of risk.

Level Trading Profy

*This rating is for informational purposes only and does not contain any recommendations for investment decisions.

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