Top TIMA Strategies, November 2023


November proved to be a profitable month for the majority of strategies featured in our TIMA rating. The top performers are holding their ground, enabling investors to grow capital passively. Our review encompasses both aggressive and cautious strategies, catering to a variety of investor preferences and needs.

Agressive Strategies

Maintaining its top position in the TIMA ranking, the Derevo strategy boasts a high level of profitability. Despite its aggressive risk profile, an increasing number of investors are opting for it.

With over 1263 days of the manager's work on the account, the strategy has achieved profitability of 915.04%, with a maximum drawdown not exceeding 59.57%.

In the reporting month, the strategy delivered a return of 12.41%. The active investor count rose from 117 to 120, with their capital share reaching 98.95%.


Within 334 days of the manager's efforts, the Andromeda strategy elevated its profitability to 355.20%. Classified as moderately aggressive based on its risk profile, it maintained a maximum drawdown level below 45.42% throughout the period. November saw a 1.31% return for investors.

The number of active Andromeda investors increased from eleven to twelve, with their capital share rising from 75.37% to 81.14%.


Over 557 days, the E-Capital strategy achieved a return of 260.72%. November brought investors a substantial 51.12% return.

Despite a maximum drawdown of 95.61% over the entire period, the strategy is showing signs of recovery, attracting 44 active investors who now hold a 94.88% share in the capital.


With a profitability of 130.09% over 1586 days, the SECRET strategy maintains its aggressive profile, featuring a maximum drawdown of 66.64% for the entire period.

In November, SECRET yielded a 1.15% return for investors.


Moderate and Conservative Strategies

Brilliant stands as a longstanding, low-risk, and highly cautious strategy. With 2159 days of operation, it has achieved a profitability level of 115.03%.

Throughout Brilliant's existence, the strategy's maximum drawdown has not surpassed 18.27%, ensuring a favorable risk-return ratio.


Level Trading Profy

Level Trading Profy represents another cautious strategy characterized by a smooth yield curve. It appeals to conservative investors aiming to build capital patiently without undertaking excessive risks.

Across 1085 days of manager’s work on the account, the strategy has yielded 32.99% in profitability, with a maximum drawdown of just 15.27%. Currently, three active investors hold a capital share of 99.99%, and the monthly yield stands at 3.13%.

Level Trading Profy

Botir is yet another cautious strategy, offering a smooth capital increase with a low-risk profile. Across 549 days of manager’s work on the account, it has achieved a profitability of 23.62%, accompanied by a maximum drawdown of 30.16%.

Despite being a relatively young strategy, investing in Botir provides an opportunity for gradual capital growth.


With a return of 21.17% over 178 days, the Parabolic SAR E strategy demonstrated a 7.11% earning in November. Falling under the category of moderate strategies, its maximum drawdown has not exceeded 30.16% throughout its existence.

Parabolic SAR E

*This rating is for informational purposes only and does not contain any recommendations for investment decisions.

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