Set a goal and go for It


I am sure that in order to be successful in everything you do, you should be able to set goals and achieve them. Stay determined, face difficulties head-on and never give up. And not rely on luck. 

To me, the most important thing is to be able to take action. I'm not used to just idling and waiting for good luck. This does not go well with my life philosophy.

I always take the initiative. I set a goal and look for ways to achieve it. The thing you should always remember is that everything is in your hands.

Alex Gerchik: set a goal

I have never had the perfect circumstances yet I made the most of them even in the most challenging times. I simply told myself what I wanted, set a goal and made sure to get there no matter what.

I looked for different opportunities, constantly thinking about what I can do, and did not stop until I got the desired result. The bottom line is to never give up!

When I realize that achieving a goal would be harder than I anticipated, the sense of challenge motivates me. 

Don’t be afraid of difficulties. Be afraid to waste time just dreaming and hoping in vain without ever trying to achieve what you want.

It is important to set a goal. Naturally, you want to have great success, big money, and spectacular achievements right off the bat. However, this is not how it works. All this is the result of invested efforts, time and patience. The path to a big goal is paved with many small achievements.

Act here and now, use every chance you get, every bit of opportunity, and move towards your big goal step by step every single day.


The sense of purpose should inspire and ignite your motivation. In order to achieve the goal, you must be ready to work extra hard. That being said, when you know exactly what you are going after, and how your life will change, you are going to feel powerful and become invincible!

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Achieving the goal. Success story 

When I worked as a cab driver in New York, I often noticed how some cab drivers would rely on big clients only. They would idle for hours waiting for the order when you could make $100 in one ride right away.

Sometimes such clients would eventually show up but more often than not they didn’t, and so the drivers would make little money per day. I took a different approach: I would take all of the orders, even those that would cost as much as $3 or $4. That way, I would be driving all day and get $300-400 as I planned.

Don’t wait for the stroke of luck, it won’t happen. The thing people call luck is the result of hard work and merit of a strong character.

Only imagine how long and challenging the path from a regular cab driver to a successful trader, manager, founder, and president of the company can be. But I walked this path.

I moved towards my goal little by little, day by day, month by month, and year by year because I knew exactly what I wanted. Impossible is nothing. The only things that hold you back are laziness, fear and unwillingness to take action. Nothing else!


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