Gerchik & Co turns 5!


On July 2020, Gerchik & Co is celebrating its 5-year anniversary. The company has come a long way since its founding, having gotten thousands of loyal customers who are making money with us today.


1. Here’s what we have achieved in 5 years
2. These solutions are our ultimate customer care
3. Gerchik & Co: Reviews

Here’s what we have achieved in 5 years

We have come up with unique Gerchik & Co solutions that are helping our customers to improve their trading performance and boost gains:

  • Risk Manager for smart risk management;
  • Real Market Volume indicator designed to identify profitable opportunities. With this solution, thousands of traders have increased the number of their winning trades by 50%;
  • Trader’s Calculator intended for calculation of the trading parameters in a matter of seconds;
  • Algorithm Developer allowing the customers to create profitable trading plans quickly and effectively;
  • Success Formula, a bulletproof strategy and risk management, as well as a ready-to-use set of rules that can be applied in trading right away.
  • For investors, we have unlocked the opportunity to make money using TIMA trust management service, having also connected it to the Risk Manager solution. The investor’s money is under double control ensured by the trader and the system.

Forex broker Gerchik & Co turns 5

  • We have expanded the list of the trading instruments which allows for better risk diversification. We’ve started with 80 instruments. Today, we offer our clients 370+ instruments which include currencies, stock CFDs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, commodities, and metals. It’s up to you to decide how to make money with trading!
  • Our clients now have additional operation quality guarantees as Gerchik & Co has become a member of the International Financial Commission. International experts conduct regular audits of the order execution quality.
  • We have pushed back the trading limits by introducing the MetaTrader 5 trading platform which offers 80 indicators and graphic objects for market analysis. It is also a very handy tool for algotraders.
  • We have developed professional trading training courses such as the Training with Mentor Bot, the Reboot of Your Trading course, and FX Intensive video training for super traders. We have cracked the success code of trading in financial markets and eagerly share it with our customers!

We have hosted 5 seasons of the demo account contest, invested $275000 in the winners, and provided them with a launchpad to build a career as managing traders. Season 6 is also around the corner!

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These solutions are our ultimate customer care

We always strive for more in order to make financial markets as profitable, safe, and accessible as possible for everyone. We owe our success and achievements to our dear customers. Their positive feedback is by far the best gift the company has received for its 5-year anniversary!

Gerchik & Co: Reviews

Here is some feedback from traders and investors who know how to make money with Gerchik & Co:

“I have been trading with the company basically from the very beginning. Even though there was a time when malfunctions were happening, the company always made sure to tackle all my problems promptly. This is a big plus. And obviously the order execution speed is superb.”

“Great method based on the long-term observation of the big players’ behavior. Incredible teaching approach used by Alexander Gerchik and program mentors. Everything is super informative and clear. If you have a strong determination to learn and make money through trading, this is exactly what you need!”

I have recently replenished the account with this company. I used to work with many other brokers before. What I loved about Gerchik & Co right away was the excellent customer service and individual approach to each client.

“I’ve been cooperating with the company for over a year now. I’ve been keeping an eye on Gerchik & Co ever since it was founded. Now I am an active TIMA manager. What I value the most is the attitude of the customer service team, my personal manager, and the president of the company Alexander Gerchik. Haven’t experienced any technical issues. I also really appreciate the fact that this brokerage company takes all clients’ trades, including mine, to the PRIME broker.”

Innovation. Care. Profitability. Reliability. Evolution. These are perhaps 5 words that can be used to describe the company’s life during this five-year period and which will serve as the reference point for our future.

If you are a customer at Gerchik & Co, do not hesitate to share your wishes, requests, and suggestions in the comments below! If you are not with us yet, make sure to join in, and let’s reach new financial heights together!

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