Investor’s calculator: how to calculate profit


We have already examined the benefits and shortcomings of various investment options. Now it’s time to discuss how to calculate yield if you consider investing.

Making money in financial markets through trust management allows investors to secure an income that exceeds the interest on bank deposits and other conservative assets. With Investor’s Calculator, it will take several seconds to find out what your return on investment will be.

Below, we are going to reveal how to evaluate the return on future investment using this tool.

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1. How to Use Investor’s Calculator
2. Where to Get Data to Use in Calculator
3. Example Illustrating Profitability Calculation

How to Use Investor’s Calculator

Investor’s online calculator helps calculate your investment yield in TIMA account based on the following parameters:

  • The annual yield of the TIMA account;
  • Investment amount;
  • Investment lieriod;
  • Manager’s remuneration;
  • Reinvestment olitions;
  • Trading time lieriod.

In order to do that, you need to enter actual and anticipated data (based on your plans) and press “Calculate”. And there you have it. Now you know your profit forecast.

Investment calculator: Invest the right way

Where to Get Data to Use in Calculator

Investor’s online calculator allows generating a forecast of the profit amount using the given parameters. But where do you get the relevant data so that it is as close to reality as possible?

1. You can find the size of the annual yield in statistics of the TIMA account ranking. Pick a strategy that got you interested and check the annualized gains based on history.

2. You can personally choose the size of the investment, as well as investment and trading time periods taking into consideration your preferences and financial means.

3. You can learn the size of the manager’s remuneration in each TIMA account offer.


Make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of the manager’s offer when investing capital. If you aren’t comfortable with any of the terms outlined therein, please choose a different TIMA account.

If you choose the reinvestment option, the investor's calculator will come in handy as well. This tool will help you to calculate a complex percentage quickly and accurately.

Example Illustrating Profitability Calculation

Here’s an example of how you can get a yield forecast using the Forex investor’s calculator. Let’s assume that you wish to invest $1,000. Based on TIMA strategy data, you’ve found out that the annual yield is 180%.

If you invest money for the 90-day time period, after you pay 40% of profit to the manager based on his/her performance, your profit will be 176.14% upon completion of three months.

Investment calculator: Learn the amount of profit

Regular reviews of the TIMA accounts, where we analyze the performance of the top managers and indicators of their strategies, will help you choose the relevant strategy.

Choose the desired TIMA strategy given the yield and maximum risk. Make sure to use the investor’s calculator to get an accurate forecast of the yield amount (you can perform calculations on the page of the TIMA service free of charge). And once you have done it, you can safely invest.

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