How Much Did TIMA Managers Make from May 11 through May 17, 2021


Traditionally, there were certain changes in our TOP 5 over the past week.

Overview of TIMA Managers:

1. Fund Stratum
2. Derevo
3. Trading Ukraine 2020
4. Spaceors renewal
5. key level trading

Fund Stratum

Trust management: Fund Stratum strategy overview as of May 17, 2021

With the maximum drawdown of 90.32%, the strategy’s profitability totaled 515.66%. These figures were achieved in the course of 347 days.

Those who don’t mind taking a considerable risk for the sake of high returns should consider investing in Fund Stratum. What’s more, the initial investment in this strategy has quintupled in less than a year.

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Trust management: Derevo strategy overview as of May 17, 2021

In the course of 331 days, Derevo’s profitability hit the 257.24% mark.

Unlike the previous one, this strategy is considered more conservative in terms of risk management, being a perfect fit for more cautious investors. While keeping a drawdown at 40.24%, the manager earned 3.10% in profits during the reporting week.

Trading Ukraine 2020

Trust management: Trading Ukraine 2020 strategy overview as of May 17, 2021

The strategy managed to climb from 5th place to 3d. The current profitability achieved in the course of 156 days totals 191.61%, with 51.55% earned during the reporting week. The maximum drawdown is 73.23%.

Spaceors renewal

Trust management: Spaceors renewal strategy overview as of May 17, 2021

Belonging to conservative strategies, Spaceors renewal is notable for its cautious risk profile. The profitability reached in 977 days is 142.81%, with a maximum drawdown of 23.73%.

key level trading

Trust management: key level trading strategy overview as of May 17, 2021

The strategy’s manager achieved 117.79% in profits in the course of 759. With a maximum drawdown of 24.27% and an average monthly yield of 3.04%, this strategy is considered extremely cautious.


Please make sure to carefully read the Manager’s Offer before making a relevant investment. If any of the outlined terms and conditions do not meet your requirements, choose a different TIMA account.

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