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In contrast to stock exchanges, Gerchik & Co broker has:


How to make 5 times more money on cryptocurrency

The possibility to use 1:5 leverage allows making deals when trading cryptocurrency, with a volume five times the size of your deposit. This, in turn, makes it possible to make five times more profit.

What it means is that provided that there are only $200 in your account, you can make a trade equal to 1.0 ETH, the price of which has already reached $1,000, making $1 per each smallest change in its value. In contrast, without leverage with a $200 deposit, you could buy only 0.2 ETH, making only $0.20 per pip.

Buy and sell cryptocurrency

Unlike a cryptocurrency stock exchange, thanks to the contracts for difference, you can make money both on an increase and decrease in cryptocurrency price. You can easily sell cryptocurrency, while the others can only buy as the sale is prohibited for them.

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Get 100 % liquidity

Unlike crypto trading on cryptocurrency stock exchanges, CFDs have a guarantee of order execution at the closest affordable price. So, there's no need to panic if the price drops, or wait for a long time to have your order to buy executed by the seller. All your trading orders will be executed in the snap of a finger which ensures convenient and reliable trading.

Protection against currency risks

Since the cryptocurrency market is still very young and not as reliable as Forex, a lot of people who trade in it fear that it will eventually crash. This is especially fueled by constant rumors that Bitcoin is just a bubble ready to pop.

That being said, if you trade CFDs with Gerchik & Co broker, you no longer have to worry since your deposit is always in U.S. dollars and you can withdraw them to your account whenever you want. So, even if Bitcoin market collapses, you can benefit from that and make money, whereas others will lose profit by opening a trade to sell.

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