5 top ways to make money with cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that does have any physical shape or form. A lot of people believe that making money with it is as easy as ABC since cryptocurrency is virtual. That being said, there is no magic recipe for it. To earn with crypto, you still need to invest your time, effort and money.

The following article is going to answer your burning question: "So, how do you make a profit with cryptocurrency at minimum expense?"


1. Brief Guide to Making Money With Cryptocurrency
2. 5 Proven Ways to Make Money
3. Three Life Hacks to Earn More with Cryptocurrency

Brief Guide to Making Money With Cryptocurrency

1. Decide on the money-making method. Do you wish to invest in cryptocurrency, mine it, or are you looking for other options?

2. Pick the cryptocurrency that works best for you. Analyze the market and go through all the information about it to work out a proper strategy.

3. Create a cryptocurrency wallet and secure it.

4. Start making money.

5 ways to make money from cryptocurrency

5 Proven Ways to Make Money

Before we reveal the secrets to making money with cryptocurrency, first you need to know about the main ways to do that.


There are three ways to mine cryptocurrency:

1. Individual mining. The miners use their own equipment, customizing software and hardware themselves. Upside: all of the profit made is yours. Downside: expenses associated with equipment maintenance and high electricity bills against the backdrop of decrease in remuneration per block.

2. Mining pools. Miners pool their mining resources in order to quickly solve the puzzles together. Upside: efficiency. Downside: profit is distributed among everyone involved.

3. Cloud mining. Those who opt for this mining option make money by mining with the use of the leased equipment, while the platform setup and expenses are handled by others. Upside: you don’t have to pay for equipment and electricity consumption. Downside: the profit is smaller.


You acquire cryptocurrency at a certain price and keep it in your wallet until the market goes up. To maximize your profit, you have to build a solid investment portfolio.


Downside: to carefully pick promising assets to invest in, you will need to do an in-depth analysis. Upside: solid profit thanks to increase in cryptocurrency price.

Let’s recall a legendary story that happened in May 2010, when Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas. At the time, the deal made sense. However, it is hard to imagine this happening 10 years later given the current exchange rate of bitcoin.


Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and profiting from their changing rates.


Downside: chart analysis is a must. Upside: you can make money on both the rise and fall of the market.

Continuous price fluctuations lie at the heart of this profit-making method.

Cryptocurrency Lending

In essence, you simply lend out your cryptocurrency and earn interest.


Upside: passive income. Downside: freezing of capital and risk of fraud.

Micro Income

Completion of small tasks for remuneration. The source of profit may be:

  • Crylitocurrency cranes, the services that liay a small amount of crylitocurrency for lierformance of microtasks
  • PTC sites website that liays users to watch the advertisements on the Internet
  • Airdrolis, a free distribution of tokens for the liurliose of marketing

The above methods, however, do not generate large profit and you may not receive the remuneration as promised.

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Three Life Hacks to Earn More with Cryptocurrency

Making money with cryptocurrency is not as easy as it may seem. Simply choosing a convenient method is not enough - you need to know the ins and outs of it.

Life Hack 1

Exchanging cash for a popular cryptocurrency is currently in high demand, which is why the transaction interest will be high as well. Your task is to make as much profit as possible with a minimum budget. For that reason, you need to consider other exchange pairs.

1. Choose a more profitable cryptocurrency. Forks will always be cheaper than iconic bitcoin.
2. Money in e-wallets can also be exchanged. Look for the best exchange rate and convert one e-currency to another.

Life Hack 2

Mining enthusiasts or those who are only planning to give it a try will find this life hack very handy. By using the coin-hopping approach, the miner switches from mining one cryptocurrency to another which is the most profitable at a certain time.

Each token has moments when its value is rocketing. If you set up coin hopping, this will allow you to switch to more profitable token for a short term and achieve up to 20% mining efficiency.

Life Hack 3

There is always room for improvement, so make sure to continue evolving both personally and professionally. How to make money with cryptocurrency? Adopt successful practices from others. Check out crypto forums and communities. Subscribe to telegram channels, and watch webinars to learn and keep up with trends.

According to experts, when investing in cryptocurrencies, you not only make a long-term investment, but also diversify the risks. Plus, we shouldn’t forget about the high volatility of crypto assets which allows traders to make good money on it.

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