Trading expert advisors: benefits and pitfalls


Trading expert advisors (EAs) help traders save time and energy. This is a well-known fact. However, one shouldn’t forget that only EA created by professional developers and tested in the live market can bring desired results.

The most popular and essential expert advisors are those that help you place stop-loss and take-profit orders. This is easily accomplished since their conclusions are based on the market data and are devoid of any emotions. That being said, you probably wonder if they have any substantial downsides. In today’s article, we will throw light on that.


1. Advantages of Trading with Expert Advisor
2. Drawbacks of the EA Usage
3. Bright Future of the Trading Expert Advisors Is Coming Soon

Advantages of Trading with Expert Advisor

Below is the list of key advantages of using automated trading systems:

  • Operate in strict accordance with the trading plan;
  • Are not affected by emotions;
  • Rely on figures only;
  • Follow preset parameters;
  • Analyze the market on its own;
  • Are able to trade in automated mode;
  • Can work as an alert;
  • Respond quickly to the market changes.

Trading expert advisors: advanteges

This massive list of positive factors clearly speaks in favor of trading advisors.

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Drawbacks of the EA Usage

However, there are certain disadvantages as well. For example, to have a custom-made EA, the traders may commission inexperienced developers who have no trading background or they may adjust settings of the expert advisor incorrectly which may lead to further losses. With that said, you can still easily eliminate these drawbacks when you know the creators behind the trading advisor and there is a clear manual describing how to use it effectively.

The other downsides include the following aspects:

  • EAs don’t factor in any force majeure events.
  • EAs don’t do a fundamental analysis of the market.
  • EAs are typically quite pricey.

Obviously, a one-size-fits-all expert advisor which would timely respond to the tweets of the U.S. president hasn’t been created yet. However, new technologies are emerging all the time.

Several years ago, the traders were frustrated that the expert advisors didn’t factor in the price levels when placing stop loss and take profit. Today, we have software that can provide signals about the placement of these orders based on the volume data that arrive straight from the market.

The traders who are already using expert advisors and indicators can hardly imagine their trading without these handy tools because, as previously mentioned, they are a great time and energy saver.

Bright Future of the Trading Expert Advisors Is Coming Soon

It is important to keep in mind that modern science is continuously evolving with new AI technologies emerging. This further revolutionizes capabilities of computer systems bringing them closer to abilities of the human brain.

It may not be long till we witness a creation of a brand-new type of trading robot which will no longer have any of the mentioned drawbacks, while including all of the benefits of automated trading and its expanded features.

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