Trader’s Statistics


1. Trader’s Statistics works in online mode. This means that it keeps records of all transactions made so that the trader doesn’t miss a single vital detail and therefore can draw the right conclusions regarding his or her trading strategy.

2. A functional set of tools to ensure complete and unbiased analytics. There are 77 tables and charts, 37 numerical indicators, and 21 consolidated tables at trader’s disposal.

Trader’s Statistics for better trading

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3. Complete and comprehensive analytics based on preset parameters. The settings include filters enabling to analyze and compare the data he or she needs at the given time. These are trading style, profitability, traded volume, position entry and exit methods, and direction of the position.

4. High speed of analysis and statistics generation. The trader gets a report in a matter of seconds which saves his or her time exponentially.

5. Available option allowing to keep a log. With the help of an online log, after wrapping up trading for the day, the trader can rationally evaluate own mental state in the course of trading in order to identify strength and weakness in his/her behavior.

Aside from that, the trader can add information from own statistics and generate new analytics.

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