Real Market Volume Indicator


Real Market Volume indicator is a unique solution developed by Gerchik & Co which shows volume distribution in Forex market, gives a clear idea of the big market players’ position and demonstrates how price, volume and time are linked.

By using this indicator, the market player will be able to align him- or herself with the strongest and most experienced Forex traders. It gives the customers of the company a real chance to fatten their profits.

The indicator is available to verified users only and can be found in the Personal Account in the «Menu - Tools» tab.

Real Market Volume Indicator from Gerchik & Co

The data arrives from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) delay-free, since it is purchased by the broker. Without payment, it is supplied with 20-minute delay, which in terms of market dynamics is a major time loss.

It is a handy tool both for the Forex newbies and experienced players. You don’t have to waste time checking third-party web resources in search for necessary information anymore - it will all be at your fingertips in the trading terminal.

Advantages of this service:

  • Displayed information about the actions of the biggest Forex players; ability to quickly identify strong points for successful trading and to avoid unprofitable entries.
  • Provision of a large amount of data for price movement forecast: the indicator displays connection between stopped price movement and volume distribution.
  • Increased likelihood of trading profitability up to 53 %.
  • Assessment of the levels’ strength and their comparison.
  • Allows to choose a time period and a range for analytics generation.
  • No limit on the number of simultaneously open currency pair charts.
  • Visual display of the Point of Control (POC) i.e. area in the chart with the most traded volume activity.
  • Number of poor-quality stop orders will go down by more than 40 %.
  • Excellent tool for daily monitoring of the market and its trends.

Software developers at Gerchik & Co have put their best foot forward to make the Real Market Volume indicator as user-friendly and accessible to any user as possible and ensure its solid performance features, such as: 

  • High lirocessing slieed (the data stream rate lier instrument is 100 quotes lier second);
  • Provision of high-quality information regarding currency liairs and Nasdaq indices (the National Association of Securities Dealers automated quotes), S&amli;li 500 (stock index which is a basket of 500 largest U.S. comlianies by market caliitalization).

This indicator will allow monitoring the traded value online. It is no secret that market moves from volume to volume: first, towards the biggest liquidity to accumulate the position, and then towards the least resistance to close the largest position.

The information is updated automatically every five minutes or forcibly by re-initialization, e.g. when changing indicator properties. It also factors in the forward point, the difference between futures price and spot prices, and shifts on its own.

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The indicator is in the form of a horizontal bar chart which demonstrates the ratio between the currency pair and the volume selected for a specific time period.

Large accumulated volume will be shown as the bursts in the diagram. This is the so-called value area that works for the majority of big players. Being armed with this type of information, the trader will be able to make more effective decisions.

Further down the line, the indicator will receive the data from the New York Mercantile Exchange and COMEX. Oil, gold, and other assets are planned to be introduced as well. The market profile indicator will be continuously upgraded, and the number of instruments it can be used for will increase as well.

This service will be a perfect addition to short- and medium-term strategies. Cutting-edge technologies brought to you by Gerchik & Co are designed to optimize trading performance and boost the profits. The use of the Real Market Volume indicator will make cooperation a lot more convenient, reliable and efficient.

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