Psychology: how to convince loved ones that trading is worth it


Traders who are looking for ways to trade profitably on financial markets often face a lack of understanding from their closest people. And in order to be able to succeed, it is really important to have those who support you and help you on your journey instead of making it unnecessarily harder.

It’s better to turn loved ones into allies from the very beginning. In today’s article, we shall tell you how to do that.


1. How to Trade Profitably with Support of Your Family
2. How to Trade Forex Profitably: Secrets for Newbies
3. How to Trade Forex Profitably: Secrets from Professionals

How to Trade Profitably with Support of Your Family

Typically, the newbie traders start exploring financial markets while still having their main job or business. Their loved ones begin to notice that they get less and less attention from you while a portion of the family budget is being used for your training needs.

Obviously, every newbie needs time to learn how to trade correctly and profitably and a certain amount of money has to be allocated for this. However, keep in mind that your loved ones also have to understand that this is an essential part of it. The scary feeling of uncertainty can explain why your closest people may not be as supportive of your new occupation as you would like them to be.

Here are some of the main ways you can use to turn your loved ones into trading allies:

1. Raising awareness. So, you became passionate about financial markets and decided to learn how to trade profitably since you have seen all the advantages this field offers. What you can do now is spark a similar interest in your closest people. Tell them about the benefits that come with trading, show them how much money you can make when you learn how to do it properly, share the success stories of those who turned trading into their careers.

2. Debunking myths. Why does the family often feel highly skeptical about a newbie trader’s decision to get into trading? Because people have often heard statements like “forex is a scam”, “the neighbor of mom’s coworker’s nephew sold his apartment, invested in Forex and went broke”, “exchange trading is just like gambling”, etc. You need to dispel these common myths and explain that you know how to learn to trade forex the right way and you are currently working on it.

3. Eliminating fears. Loved ones always want the best for you and themselves. The fear linked to trading is what can make them try to talk you out of it. So, your task is to find out what they are essentially afraid of and find a way to show them in practical terms that your new occupation is not dangerous for either of you.

How to trade profitably: Secrets for forex newbies

How to Trade Forex Profitably: Secrets for Newbies

So, here’s a simple algorithm on how to trade profitably and convince the family members to support you in a real-case scenario.

1. In layman’s terms, explain to them what financial markets are all about and how one can make money on them. Illustrate it by one or several of your profitable trades and tell where the income comes from.
2. Give the vision of the future: your loved ones need to understand that forex is a way to boost your family’s budget and not drain it.
3. Tell them how to trade in the exchange profitably and what you need in order to succeed (time, initial capital to open a trading account, certain preliminary expenses associated with relevant training).
4. Share the key principles for profitable trading: usage of the trading strategy, capital and risk management, as well as trading psychology. Demonstrate what role they play in this by explaining that having the support of your closest people will help you both emotionally and psychologically, whereas their resistance may only cause failure and losses.
5. Be honest: do not promise them the moon and the stars, that too, right away. Tell them that there are certain risks involved but you will do everything needed in order to control them, learn from professionals, and build up the yield cautiously.
6. Make your loved ones feel safe. Show them that you are not using any loan money to trade and that the capital in your trading account and funds used for training are basically an investment. Make sure to trade only what you can actually afford to lose without it being damaging for your family. Meet all of your financial obligations towards those who depend on you.
7. Reward them. After making a profit, withdraw a portion of the money and buy something for your family members. This way you can show them the actual results of your work. This can help them to believe you even more and to support you wholeheartedly.
8. Even though you are currently busy learning how to trade, do not neglect your loved ones, and spend quality time with them.

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How to Trade Forex Profitably: Secrets from Professionals

If you feel that you are experiencing difficulties in trading and are not supported by your loved ones no matter what you do which begins to affect other areas of your life, you can work on these issues with a professional psychologist.

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