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Trading trainig opportunities at Gerchik & Co for everyone

2017 was marked by an introduction by many big companies of a new IT solution called chatbot. In the era of new technologies, digital assistants do a great job handling the initial communication with the clients.

Gerchik & Co brokerage company was among the pioneers of the Forex market to develop a digital assistant for its clients. For the first time, there is a chatbot that can assist a client who wishes to trade Forex and engage in trading.

In Gerchik & Co instant messengers (Facebook, Telegram, VK, Skype, and Viber), the clients can use their time efficiently since now they’ve got a personal assistant they can contact 24/7.

Trading training with personal assistant by Gerchik & Co

The chatbot will help the client to quickly find the right information by promptly identifying what the client needs. Based on digital intelligence, personal assistant interacts with the client and provides the exact information that the person is looking for.

Someone is interested in training, someone else has a question regarding the signup process - all these requests are then segmented by the chatbot which forms an individual approach with the client.

A unique feature of the personal assistant brought to you by Gerchik & Co is that you can undergo free trading training with its help and even get a homework assignment.

Start learning with a bot

Gerchik & Co is one of the first brokerage companies that has been actively implementing IT services and by doing so protecting its clients against unforeseeable losses in the course of trading.

Today, Gerchik & Co has taken its client communication to the whole new level by introducing the AI chatbot in its online instant messengers.

Save time, find the information needed quickly, and undergo individual training with the personal assistant. The chatbot by Gerchik & Co is at your service at all times!

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