Minimum risk when trading forex using Risk Manager service


Risk Manager is a special software application developed by Gerchik & Co which ensures management and minimization of risks in the course of Forex trading, and helps prevent the loss of client’s entire deposit.

This solution is a perfect tool for improving self-discipline. When entering data into the service, the trader will be able to see the risks he or she is taking right away. In other words, it controls the trading process at trader’s own will. The software monitors the work in online mode, keeping the client’s investments safe.

Risk Manager service: minimum risk for traders

Before enabling this solution, the trader should have own trading algorithm, and clearly defined risks to be input into the software.

Once that is done, the Risk Manager will monitor the indicated data independently, supervising the trader’s work and making sure that he or she strictly follows the algorithm.

The service has the following features:

  • manages risk;
  • acts in accordance with clearly outlined plan;
  • keeps the losses to a minimum in case of unfavorable trading scenarios;
  • gives the newbies a perfect chance to win more time to gain Forex experience with minimum losses.

Risk Manager brought to you by Gerchik & Co is the trader’s go-to, particularly when the market situation is unstable. This application is available for the company's customers free of charge and can be enabled in the personal account.

Become a client

To do so, open the “Services” - “Risk Manager” tab in the menu. The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. All algorithms of this solution are based on real trades.

The service:

  • keeps track of the permitted drawdown per day;
  • controls the losses within a single trade (the algorithm will close the trade, when the situation starts getting worse);
  • controls the number of unprofitable trades per day (the trader personally configures this parameter before starting to trade: once the established threshold is reached, the terminal will be disabled, preventing further possible financial loss);
  • calculates trades at a given permitted risk;
  • disables the terminal when a combination of certain unfavorable conditions is reached.

You can put your trust in the Risk Manager, since it belongs to Alexander Gerchik and his company Gerchik & Co which aims to achieve positive results at all times, ensure the safety of its customers' funds, and help them fatten their profits.

This solution is intended to prevent the customers from losing all their money instantaneously, as they are being controlled by emotions or rely on a lack of information. Regardless of how well-versed the trader is in market matters or how experienced he or she is, preserving the deposit and profiting from it require maximum effort.

Forex trading means trading on probabilities, which is why the probability of the risk to lose the money should be minimized by all possible means. And this is where this Service can be of great help.

In the course of trading and gaining experience, a Forex player can adjust the following parameters, namely:

  • Risk % lier day, week, and month (calculation can be made both in monetary terms and % of the deliosit).
  • Number of unlirofitable trades: max lier day and max lier week.
  • Inliut the characteristics of an unlirofitable trade (safety net against tilt).

Risk Manager service: minimum risk for all traders

Risk Manager is the cornerstone of the entire trading approach. Loss limitation should be an obligatory requirement. The trader needs to understand how much he or she is willing to lose which, in turn, will serve as a stop signal.

Even if the market player keeps a certain percentage of loss in mind, yet it is not recorded anywhere, the chances are that the trader will eventually miss the exact moment when this figure is reached, and will continue trading which may result in even greater losses or even the loss of the entire deposit.

This is why, you should input these essential parameters into the system which is going to keep things under control. The trading system should include clear-cut rules, by following which the trader will be able to build own statistics and gain trading experience.

This software developed by Gerchik & Co can be connected to an unlimited number of client accounts free of charge, in particular both to real and demo accounts. When enabling the service, please keep in mind that there should be no open trades. 

Not losing the funds is the first task every market player has to tackle. And this is where the Risk Manager comes into play. This automated deposit protection service works 24/7 without delays and glitches, so it should be enabled before the trader starts trading in Forex.

By taking advantage of such automated solutions, the trader gets a chance to create own unique trading strategy, and not only preserve initial investment, but also increase it exponentially. So, it makes sense to cooperate only with those brokers who ensure control and safety of the client’s deposit. 

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