How to avoid the broker verification refusal


The broker refuses verification for several reasons. The most typical is a document absence. To make a mistake, don’t pay attention or just forget – it’s not unusual for the client even when serious issues are settled. If the broker requires, and there are no check copies with a user’s name and surname in the documentation package, the verification will not be completed.

The second widespread reason is a poor copy or improper format. The latter is specified on the broker’s website. The broker may reject the blurred, light-exposed and too dark copies. Changes in different photo editors are not even discussed. The document is unreadable, of bad quality and improper format – the verification procedure will be delayed.

How to prevent the problems

Honesty with the broker guarantees a long-term cooperation. Upon registration indicate your own name, but not a Hollywood star or a favourite sportsman. The specified data is verified against the copies of identification documents. The same situation is with the citizenship, place of residence registration and living.

You couldn’t start working without verification. But then the confirmed user’s rights and possibilities will be extended. Learn the trading rules on the financial platform and follow them. Yes, it requires some time for studying, but it may give an opportunity to gain good income to in future.

Consider the verification as an obligatory condition and take it seriously. Read several times and always meet the broker’s requirements.

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