Contest to personal data processing


1. This consent is a legally binding Agreement between the user of the website (hereinafter the “User”) and the company Gerchik & Co Ltd (hereinafter the “Company”).

2. The User of the website is any person, regardless of whether he/she has the status of the Company’s Customer under the Customer Agreement, who submits to the Company an application to receive the Company’s Customer status and/or to use any of the information services of the Company, including applications to register for briefings, seminars, webinars, electronic newsletters and analytical materials as well as various other applications with the purpose to use information services and the Company’s other services requiring the provision of the User’s personal data.

3. By agreeing to this document in electronic form, the User expresses his/her full consent to the entry of his/her personal data into the Company’s database and agrees that the data will be processed (in particular that the data will be collected, accumulated, organized, stored, itemized, used, depersonalized, blocked and terminated) and authorizes the Company to use his/her personal data so that the Company and/or its partners can provide the relevant services.

4. The processing of the personal data of the User by the Company means exclusively the list of all the necessary actions under this Agreement and other regulatory documents of the Company authorizing the fulfillment of the functions of communication with the User, identification of a specific User in the database of the Company and provision to him/her of the relevant services and/or provision of access to the services of the Company or its partners.

5. The User takes responsibility to ensure the authenticity of the personal data provided, guarantees to the Company that the data are accurate and truthful and takes responsibility to update the data on time in case of changes to the data as well as to comply with this Agreement and other regulatory documents of the Company.

6. The User provides the Company with consent so that the Company may:

- Store his/her personal data during the period of time under Clause 9 of this Agreement;

- Transfer his/her personal data to the Company’s partners with the purpose of the proper provision of the relevant services and necessary services to the User.

In the framework of said purposes and without going out of the limits of the latter, the Company is entitled to provide access to and transfer the personal data of the User to third parties (the Company’s partners) without any additional notices and without changing the purposes of the processing of the data under Clause 4 of this Agreement.

7. The specific and other information of the User includes the first/last name of the User and his/her contact information such as email address and phone number and may be used by the Company and/or its partners in depersonalized form depending on the type of the relevant service/set of services.

8. The processing of the personal data of the User is carried out under the applicable laws on the protection of personal data. The Company, apart from other responsibilities, takes responsibility to enforce the existing Confidentiality Policy of the Company as regards the legal relationships involving the personal data of the User.

9. The personal data of the User are stored in the Company’s database as follows:

- During the period of up to 6 (six) years from the termination of the Customer Agreement as regards the Company’s Customers.

- During unlimited time as regards the Users that do not have the Company’s Customer status except for the situations when the User has requested to have his/her data removed from the Company’s database. In that case, the removal of the User’s personal data is carried out within 20 (twenty) working days of the receipt of the relevant notice from the User.

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