Beginner trader’s misbelieves about verification


New traders understand the verification dubiously. Some are afraid not to receive funds in time, others – the third party would have their confidential information. Such hesitations are quite logical, so require qualified answers.

Verification – payment delay?

The beginning traders often wrongly consider the verification as a crafty way not to pay funds in time. The company’s client must undergo the verification. It should be done in advance and then receive funds quicker. It’s not possible to work without verification. It’s important to take into account the very procedure doesn’t take much time despite the seeming complication.

Verification and confidentiality

Other wide-spread fear is the insufficient protection of trader’s personal information. There is no favourable environment for such kind of concerns. The market participants don’t have a goal to transfer information to someone else. To gain profit it’s necessary to obligatorily provide personal information at any market. This is indicated in the international standards and regulators. The experienced traders regard the verification as an obligatory condition without pitfalls like password entering to get cash in cash terminal. The beginners having minimum investments don’t understand the key principles of system work and worry without a reasonable basis. If you have any questions about the verification procedure, contact our consultants:

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