ZERO account. Trading accessible by everyone

Make profit with currency pairs in forex with $100
and no commission per lot!

Easy terms, minimum initial deposit ― everything you need for a smooth Forex trading

It doesn’t mean that you need to have a giant trading account to start making money in financial markets. With the leverage option available, you can open large deals.

Learn to feel and understand the market. Start with as much as hundreds of dollars and grow your trading account steadily.

Account types: Zero trading account is now available at Gerchik & Co

Terms of ZERO account

  • Fees per lot for currency pairs: $0.
  • Minimum initial deposit: $100.
  • Spread: from 1.0 pip*.
  • Maximum leverage: 1:100.
  • Minimum lot size: 0.01.
  • MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.
  • Algo Trading.
  • All orders are sent to the interbank market.
  • Access to 390+ traded instruments.
  • Leverage change option available (like in other accounts).
  • TIMA account can be opened.
  • Account type can be changed (upon request).

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Risk Management

The forex market rule of thumb says that the first thing you need to do is to learn how to preserve money. And that’s where Risk Manager comes into play. It is a software solution designed to protect money in your trading account.

All you have to do is connect it to your trading account, enter the values of your risk management system and the program will make sure that you stick to your own rules.

How to get a ZERO account if you are a new client

If you wish to start trading forex, don’t idle and just go for it!

1. Get registered with Gerchik & Co.
2. Sign in to your personal account, go to the “Accounts” section, and press “Open the account.”
3. Choose the Zero account.
4. Replenish the account for $100.
5. Download the trading platform in your personal account and install it on your device.
6. Start making money with Gerchik & Co.


All orders of Zero account holders are sent directly to the interbank market. Every client at Gerchik & Co has equal access to market quotes and order execution.

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How to change the existing account to a Zero account

1. Close all currently open orders in the account you wish to change to a different account type.
2. Sign in to your personal account at Gerchik & Co.
3. Go to the home page (or the “Accounts”—“My accounts” menu), choose the preferred account type, and click on it.
4. Choose “Settings” in the appeared window.
5. Select “Zero” from the drop-down menu of the “Account Type” window.

*When trading with ZERO account, the spread is calculated based on the following formula:

10 / pip value per last digit (in case of 1 lot) = amount of pips added to the spread. Added to the ask price and subtracted from the bid price. If the spread is increased by an odd number of pips, one pip is additionally added to the ask price.

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