Updated Real Market Volume Is Now Available to the Customers of Gerchik & Co

Dear customers,

Gerchik & Co presents to you the updated Real Market Volume indicator.

Here’s What Changed

  • The indicator can be used in MetaTrader 5 platforms.
  • The operating speed has been increased by a factor of 5.
  • The bugs which caused the terminal freeze-up have been fixed.
  • Indicator demonstrates volume distribution for 350+ financial instruments, including metals, oil, and even Bitcoin.
  • Expert Advisor has been added.

Forex indicators: Gerchik & Co updated Real Market Volume

This is What Real Market Volume Can Do

  • Analyze streaming data from the exchanges.
  • Identify the best place to set Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • Provide recommendations on the entry and exit points based on three strategies. The list of strategies will be gradually expanded.
  • Show notification in the chart when there is a perfect time in the market to open a position.

Стать клиентом Gerchik & Co и установить Real Market Volume прямо сейчас

What Is Real Market Volume

In essence, Real Market Volume is a market volume indicator designed to show the volume traded at a specific price level over a certain time period.

Using this tool, you can:

  • See volume distribution at a specific price level during a given period of time.
  • Understand how the market reached the current price.
  • Make a forecast as to where the market is going to head next.
  • Figure out the segmentation of the buy and sell orders.
  • Identify price levels, including support and resistance, the high and low, and POC value.
  • Identify levels suitable for opening long and short positions.

Real Market Volume coupled with Expert Advisor offers vital information to help you open a profitable position. This handy tool doesn’t replace the trading strategy as such but rather allows to strengthen it, speed up the process of the market analysis, and reduce the trading stress.

The customers can download Real Market Volume by signing in to their personal account and going to Real Market Volume in the «Services» tab.

Not a client at Gerchik & Co but still wish to give the Indicator a whirl? Click on the link.