The Finish Line Is Getting Close! Results of the Demo Account Contest’s Second Month

Two months of the Demo Account Contest are now over. And the last — and most decisive — month is ahead of us.

How many contestants will continue fighting for their place on the winners’ list? Who became interim leaders? Today, we shall summarize the results of the second month of intense competition.

As of May 2, 2022, we have 3569 contestants*. Only the toughest ones remained. Well done!

  • The contestant with a nickname Andry77, the profitability of 290,87 %, and drawdown totaling 12,63 % is ranked 1st.
  • prizrak with a 212,19 % profitability and a 12,34 % drawdown is ranked 2nd.
  • Finally, the 3d place belongs to Veny, with profitability amounting to 204,66 %, and a 15,96 % drawdown.

Demo Account Contest: 2-Month Results of the 8th season

And here are three contestants that round out the TOP 55:

  • The contestant AAP who demonstrated monthly profitability of 42,58 % and a 9,91 % drawdown is ranked 53d.
  • Domovoy with 42,39 % profitability and a 13,62 % drawdown is ranked 54th.
  • 55th place was snatched by Orikmajorik with 42,35 % profitability and a 19,11 % drawdown.

*The data is indicated at 10:00 (Moscow time / Kyiv).

We wish all contestants loads of luck! After all, you have yet another month of the competition race to show your skills! Be careful with the risks, stick to your strategy, don't let the emotions take over you, and continue marching towards your goal.

The $55,000 prize pool is already waiting for you!