Summer Heat: July Winners

Today, we are happy to announce the winners of the first giveaway which was a part of the Summer Heat Special hosted

by Gerchik & Co.

So, without further ado, this month’s winners are:

MIKHAIL SHELEHAU, Denis Slinko. They optionally get a picnic set or a grill from Gerchik & Co.

Andrey Borosenets. Stanislav Kim will take home their bike or e-scooter (the choice is theirs!)

IGOR TUROVSKYY grabs the main prize of the month, namely consultations with Alex Gerchik, Viktor Makeev, and Serg Zabotkin. Three company experts will help get to the bottom of the trading strategy and tackle any trading and investment-related questions.

The winners can also get a cash equivalent of the prize value credited to their account if they so desire.

Congratulations to the winners! Our managers shall contact you shortly. Also, you can check out the video to see how the draw was done.

Here’s a quick reminder!

  • Next month, we will continue giving away cool prizes. Everyone is welcome to participate in the hottest summer special from Gerchik & Co.
  • The more account replenishments you make, the higher the chances of winning.
  • We will be hosting smartphone giveaways among everybody who enters. So, if luck hasn’t been on your side this time, everything can still change during the next draw!

If you aren’t a company’s customer yet, it’s high time to fix it. By entering this special, you can not only win valuable prizes but also gain access to educational programs, solutions, and content offered by the company.

Have a wonderful summer and profitable trades, everyone!