Starlit Trading: Alex Gerchik Invites Everybody to Join Free Webinar

On Star Wars Day celebrated on May 4th, Alex Gerchik will be doing his free Jedi Master workshop on trading as a part of the free No Fluff Day Trading webinar hosted by Cartel International Traders Club.

Alex Gerchik Invites to Join Webinar

He will be sharing:

  • How to Piece Together a Solid Trading Approach.
  • How to trade inch by inch.
  • 4 key rules for successful trading.

Among the webinar speakers, there will also be Serg Zabotkin, a trader with +32% profitability in 2020 and developer of trading expert advisors.

And Pedram Raufi, a trader, financial analyst, and technical market analysis expert.

Wish to get a step-by-step plan for a winning trading day и pro tips from the experts? Now how about boosting your trading performance and getting rid of the barriers that stand between you and the profit? If the answer is «yes», then make sure to sign up!

Charge-free participation! Click on the link to learn more and fill out the form.

May the Profit be with you!