Risk Manager is Now Available in MetaTrader 5

Heads up, everyone!

Risk management solution is already available in МТ5 trading platform for both live and demo accounts.

Using this tool, you will be able to control risks per:

  • trade day;
  • trade week;
  • trade month.

You can also set limits on other parameters that will make sure that you follow the rules of your risk management system. That way, greed, and thrill won’t eat up your deposit.

Risk management: Solution to keep your risks under control in MT5


This software tool also helps to focus more on the management of your trades as the system keeps an eye on the given parameters automatically.

Alex Gerchik used to say that he would enable Risk Manager for all traders if he could. That’s because there is no way you can earn consistently without having proper risk management.

During one of his workshops, he shared a story about an interesting experiment whereby traders’ risks were strictly limited. Unsurprisingly, that resulted in considerable improvement of trading gains.

You can improve your trading performance using this solution! Enable it. Enable the solution which is free for all company’s customers!

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How to enable «Risk Manager» on MT5

1. Log in to your Personal account / Complete registration to create personal account.
2. Click on «Services and Solutions» — «Risk Manager».
3. Select the account type (live or demo), and account number. Press «Add».
4. Fill out the relevant sections to set up the system in the appeared window and press «Save». 


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your personal manager. Find contact details of the personal manager in the right portion of your personal account.

Manage risks consciously! And may your trades remain profitable!