Five Elements of Profit Special with Gifts for Everyone! 5 Days Only!

Woohoo, Gerchik & Co turned 5!

To celebrate, we have decided to host Five Elements of Profit Special which will continue from July 27, 2020, through July 31, 2020.


From the dawn of time, it was believed that five elements - Fire, Metal, Water, Earth, and Wood - represent the fundamental matter in the universe. And we have discovered our own five elements of successful and well-balanced trading.

Forex broker Gerchik & Co: 5-year anniversary special

Mind-blowing surprises are waiting for all participants!!!

Consultation with Gerchik

The hottest offer! Would you like Alexander Gerchik himself to give you his personal advice on trading, discuss trades with you, and help create a thorough trading plan?

Then make sure to replenish the account at Gerchik & Co for an amount starting from $5,000 from July 27 through July 31 and enter the giveaway of consultations with Alex Gerchik (as well as the sports bikes and picnic sets) as a part of Active Summer 2020 Special!

20% off on accounts

What metal do you prefer? Is it silver, gold, or maybe platinum? Open Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Simple accounts (or change your current one) with a 20% discount in the course of the Special!

The reboot of your trading course with 20% discount

Would you like to dive into the sea of Alexander Gerchik’s knowledge and skills and ride the wave of profit? Place a pre-order before July 31, 2020 and get your hands on the “Reboot of Your Trading Course from Gerchik. Comfort” 20% off once it is launched!

Webinar from Alexander Gerchik

Wood is a symbol of sustainable development. Grab your own tool in the personal account to boost your profits. From July 27 through July 31 only, we are unlocking access to Alexander Gerchik’s closed webinar “Technical Analysis of the Forex Market. Levels and Patterns.”

Choose the messenger to get an access. Let your money tree grow.

Secret Surprise

What is the fifth surprise? In this whirlwind of profit elements, Earth represents confidence and balance which are essential both in trading and life.

An awesome tool designed to help balance out all aspects of your trading will be via messenger you choose in the relevant form.

Read the Terms and Conditions and enter the Special and trade profitably and consistently. Your trading achievements are the best gift Gerchik & Co could ask for on its anniversary!

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