First-Month Results of the 8th Demo Account Contest

The first month of the Demo Account Contest is over! The competition started on March 1, and today we are announcing interim results.

4248 continue fighting for their place in the top 55*.

Judging by the monthly performance, the top three leaders are:

  • AbdulazizFX ranked first. As of the time of rating preparation, the trader’s drawdown amounted to 17,45 %, while profitability demonstrated was 164,25 %. Well done!
  • Nigora ranked second. The trader was able to achieve profitability totaling 145,33 %, while maintaining the drawdown at 18,35 %.
  • NiaZox Trader ranked third. In the course of the month, the contestant achieved the 139,96 % profitability, with the 19,23 % drawdown.

Demo Account Contest: 1-Month Results of the 8th season

And here are our three contestants who round out the top 55.

  • MILLER ranked 53d. Trader’s profitability totals 40,91 %, with the equity drawdown being at 17,90 %.
  • The participant ranked 54th is AlexAV with the profitability totaling 40,66 % and the 14,88 % drawdown.
  • And last but not least, our contestant ranked 55th is VAIDAS who finished the month with the 40,56 % profitability and the 13,78 % drawdown.

Keep in mind that these are only interim results. Experience has proven that there may be surprise twists during the contest. Those who didn’t make it to the top 55 this month may end up becoming April leaders thanks to solid strategy, self-discipline, and risk management.

*The data is indicated at 12:00 (Moscow time / Kyiv).

We wish all contestants to preserve their strength and will-to-win spirit. There are still two months to go before the finish line!

khalid alabdullatif
3 weeks ago