Demo Account Contest: The Second Month Results

Demo Account Contest Season 6 Hosted by Gerchik & Co Started 2 Months Ago. The Configuration of Forces in the Contestant Ranking Continues to Change.

May it be recalled that 6 851 people entered the competition race and вставить 3281* currently continue the battle.

If you manage the risks, open and close trades expertly, you have every chance to make it to the leaderboard. However, if the thrill takes over you easily while the drawdown exceeds the established threshold, there is a risk of leaving the competition empty-handed.

The proof of the above statement is that traders who were ranked 1st and 2nd last month dropped out of the battle for $1000. To not get kicked out of the market when trading with a live account, make sure to use Risk Manager and other solutions offered by forex broker Gerchik & Co.

Now let’s take a look at the leaders of the second month of the Contest.

Demo Account Contest: Results of the second month

Here’s what the current Top 3 looks like:

1. bulatdenis87

2. duduzzu83

3. 226252

The contestants who are at the bottom of Top 55:

53. kraton

54. Sv_Lana

55. Behruz Ismoilov

*The indicated data are as of November 16, 2020, 15:00 (MSK).

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We are wishing the contestant the best of luck, cool head, and hot profits!