Demo Account Contest Season 6: Monthly Results

It has been a month since the beginning of the 6 season of the Demo Account Contest hosted by Gerchik & Co. In the meantime, the contestants not only achieved great results but also improved their knowledge and skills!

6 851 people entered the competition and 4088* contestants currently continue the race.

Demo Account Contest: Results of the first month

This is what TOP 3 looks like at the moment:

1. 228590

2. Sirakuz

3. Shamsiddin

At the bottom of the TOP 55 list are:

53. GWH

54. SergeyRND

55. Pomojnyj pyos

*The indicated data are as of October 15, 2020, 15:00 (Kyiv/MSK).

The competition race is becoming pretty intense and the power balance may change any moment now. Each contest has a chance to make it to the list of the best traders who will get $1,000 investment and will be able to make real money in the market.

For the ultimate convenience of both current and future contestants, we have created a special page where we publish all the vital contest-related information, educational articles, and FAQ.

We are wishing our contestants to stay within the limits of the required drawdown while pushing the boundaries of regular profits!