Demo Account Contest: Results of the Month

Gerchik & Co launched its staple Demo Account Contest on July 1st. Over 7,900 contestants joined the heated battle of wills and strategies.

5081 people are currently fighting for their place in the top 55*

According to our long-standing tradition, we shall announce the three leaders and those contestants that are currently ranked 53-55.

Without further ado, the first-place holder is Rafa whose drawdown at the moment is 19,33 % and profitability is 746,66 %.

Ranked second is the trader malchish with a 433,61 % drawdown and profitability 19,81 %.

TarGON with a 2,25 % drawdown and profitability 337,24 % rounds out the top three.

Demo Account Contest: 1-Month Results

The three contestants that round out top 55 are:

Pon4o11 ranked 53d with a drawdown totaling 16,67 % and profitability 62,24 %.

54th place currently belongs to USTA whose drawdown is 0,50 % and profitability is 62,13 %.

The holder of the 55th place is KSI with a 0,00 % drawdown and profitability 61,70 %.


The Demo Account Contest is known for all sorts of unexpected developments and dramatic changes in the leaders’ board. The trader who is at the very bottom of the top 55 can enter the race for $1,000 thanks to a winning strategy, correct trading approach, and accurate market analysis.

Keep in mind that you still have two months to go. So, pace yourself wisely!

*As of the time of the news publication (11:00)