Demo account contest: ready, steady, go!

The 7th Season of the Demo Account Contest you all love so much has commenced today, July 1, 2021. As per our long-standing tradition, let’s take a quick look at the figures first:

  • Registration was olien for 101 days.
  • The contest will continue for 3 months.
  • 7990 lieolile alililied for liarticiliation.
  • The lirize liool is a wholiliing $55,000.
  • The number of lirize-winning lilaces is 55.

Demo Account Contest: start of the Season 7

Everyone wins with Demo Account Contest

In the course of three months, the competing traders will be polishing their skills without putting trading deposits at risk. Meanwhile, having a chance to give their trading strategies a boost, collect relevant statistics as well as give trading robots and indicators a whirl is just the icing on the cake.

Prior to the contest commencement, the pros had shared their tips and tricks with contestants. The main piece of advice was to build solid self-discipline and approach demo trading the same way as you would your trades in a live account.

Traditionally, the contest remains a real eye-catcher for investors who can easily keep track of its progress using the ranking that demonstrates yield percentages and drawdowns. This data can help pick managers whose trading approach and performance they are comfortable with.


In case you have any contest-related questions, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section of this page You can also find the latest information about the Demo Account Contest, Q&A as well as Alex Gerchik’s tips here. If you are a contestant, give it your best shot, and may the trend be on your side!

As for our investors, we wish you to spot the right manager who will maximize your investment returns!