Alex Gerchik Became HiSTES Honorary Member

We have some exciting news to share with you all! On January 14, 2020, founder and president at Gerchik & Co Alexander Gerchik was awarded the title of Honorary Member of the HiSTES, High School Teachers European Society in recognition of his contribution to the financial industry.

Alex Gerchik became an Honorary Member

What to know!

HiSTES is an international society which helps teachers improve their professional skills and certifies training programs in accordance with the EU standards.

We are very pleased that Alexander Gerchik’s long-term teaching experience has been highly esteemed by European experts! Having over 10,000 students across the globe today, Gerchik has been teaching traders since 2001.

According to HiSTES expert council, the value of his training courses is that they are based on Gerchik’s personal experience of no-loss trading and suit both newbies and professionals. And the Reboot of Your Trading course is the best proof of that.

Gerchik & Co team would like to congratulate Alexander Gerchik on yet another achievement. May the number of traders who have learnt to trade consistently and profitably thanks to Gerchik’s books, training courses and webinars only continue to grow in the years to come!

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