Active Summer 2020 Special Is Over. Congratulations to Our Winners!

Summer days are gone and that means that we are saying good-bye to the Active Summer 2020 Special!

Based on results of the giveaway, our August winners are:

Aleksandr and Sergey became the owners of home grills and can now host picnics no matter the weather or season.

Vladimir and GLEB won sports bikes and can now forget about traffic jams and enjoy the great outdoors while doing their bit for the environment.

Sherali and URI can already prepare trading-related questions they wish to ask Alexander Gerchik during one-on-one consultation!

But wait, there is more! We hosted a giveaway of three cool smartphones among those who took part in our Summer Special in the course of June, July, and August.

Forex broker Gerchik & Co: final winners of the Summer Special

And the lucky winners are:

Nikolay Voronin



Our most heartfelt congratulations to our winners!

The managers are going to contact you shortly.

Thanks to everyone who entered and made this summer truly active and unforgettable! May your trading remain successful and profits stay consistently high!

Make sure to follow Gerchik & Co news as we have a lot more in store for you ahead!

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