A New Special Hosted Among Gerchik & Co Customers: $100 in Exchange for Your Feedback!

Gerchik & Co is launching a new Special! Every month, we will be hosting a giveaway of three $100 deposits among the customers who will leave a company review. Each month, except June 2021.

However, there will be not just three but FIVE winners in the first giveaway that will be taking place in July among customers who will leave their feedback this month. They will get their hands on $100 deposits. Real-deal cash for real feedback!

The rules are a no-brainer:

1. You have to be a customer of our company. The review must include your real experience with the company, its services, and solutions.
2. Go to https://www.facebook.com/gerchikandco/ .
3. Leave your feedback.
4. Learn the results. Please note that the giveaways will be taking place for 1-2 business days following the end of the month.


Leave your feedback now


The $100 deposits that can be withdrawn are going to be credited to the winners’ accounts. Their names will be announced on our official website and social media.



For the sake of objectivity, one trader/investor will be able to leave one review only in the course of the entire special.


Share your impressions and experience with the company so that other traders can make an informed decision.