The most burning questions about trading, investment and Gerchik & Co. Here’s a compilation of answers to them that will help you to take your trading gains to the next level.


To become a good trader, you need to be consistent. Now, what does a «consistent trader» mean? This is such a slippery concept. Consistent trader is someone who is able to follow the rules of the system. It is self-discipline, it is sufficiency, this is when your head tells your hands what to do, and your hands do just that. Trading is an extremely diligent work, that’s all there is to it.

Excellent trader is a person with two people living within. The first one does homework, writes the script, and the second one executes it. What do I mean by this? For instance, you wrote a great script, and the other half of you should simply execute it. So, basically, if you want to figure out who the perfect trader is, it is the person whom you can give your script to and who will take it and execute it, no questions asked. When you are teaching someone to drive a car, the first thing you say is, «Get in the car, close the door, buckle up, turn the ignition key on, release the parking brake, and press the clutch».

I am not sure if the sequence of steps I’ve mentioned is correct. Anyhow, this sequence remains when the driver-to-be gets behind the wheel and follows your instructions, doing it automatically. «Steer around the obstacle, turn left, now make a U-turn…». If these two people - the one who writes the scripts, and the other one who executes them flawlessly - can coexist within you organically, that’s what «abiding the system» essentially is. In that case, you have every chance to become a pro.

Gerchik & Co does not keep the money in Russian banks. We remain a regulated company and keep the money in Europe. Our money is neither in the United States nor in Russia. So, basically, there is nothing to worry about. In addition, keep in mind that all of the sanctions are against certain companies involved in the sale of weapon, or people who are close to the president.

Now, guys, who are we? Gerchik & Co is just one of the many brokers offering its services. As it has been mentioned previously, our customers’ money is kept on European accounts, so neither I nor our company have anything to worry about. The fact that we speak Russian doesn’t mean we are a Russian company. We have a lot of customers in the CIS countries. There is no need to worry about it, I cannot stress that enough.

You can’t re-enter right away, especially if you are trading on a five-minute bar, since if you were knocked out, the instrument breaks out this level right away. Most probably, you will have to wait for a consolidation or for the instrument to draw a clear picture. This is the key factor. That being said, I personally never re-enter on the five-minute bar.

I don’t know which broker you are trading with. We do not open or close the trades for our customers and they can confirm this. I am not sure what you are talking about, to be honest. If you have connected TIMA or PAMM account, or something else, it’s a different thing.

We have a lot of customers and everything is alright. But the choice is yours. If you wish to trade at Gerchik & Co, you are more than welcome to do so.

7.5-10 pips are not enough. You can enter a position with a stop loss order of 10 pips, provided that there is a very strong limit level or a very small “tail” on a false breakout which doesn’t happen too often. Very short stop loss orders can be a disaster. Stop loss order should be where it should be and nowhere else. What you have to do first is move from the stop loss order. Trading from a certain figure i.e.

7.5-10 pips in your case is wrong. Stop loss order should be either behind the level or behind the “tail” of the false breakout. If it worked initially, it needs to be examined in more detail. But you should keep in mind that if the volatility in the market increases, this stop loss order will be removed. Only provided that there is a very strong level, the limit level, you can get by with short stop loss orders. Or, near a strong daily time frame, you can get by with a short stop loss order if the “tail” of the false breakout was small.

Look, here’s a thing. If these are the training levels, I would try to draw as many as possible. However, if these are trading levels, I would trade only those levels that are nearby.

For instance, if we do market reviews on Mondays, I will be showing lots of levels there. If this is my own trading day, there will only be those levels that are nearby and I will ignore the old ones. There is no need to draw many levels, if the price is very far from them.

Yes, it is.

Yes, they will.

Yes, they can. Essentially, these are the very same stocks. They are traded at Gerchik & Co similarly to the real stocks on the stock exchange.

This is a standard phrase used in almost every agreement in any scope of activity. The presence of this phrase in agreement does not necessarily imply that the company will introduce the said amendments and modifications.

Alexander Gerchik has been teaching for 12 years now. During this period, there have been no complaints about the training. All of students were happy with it, having acquired necessary information and knowledge for successful trading.

Alexander Gerchik hosts webinars weekly reviews of the stock market and futures with respect to the trading instruments available at Gerchik & Co. Aside from that, we have added Bitcoin and RUB/USD currency pair to the reviews.

However, a detailed review of different cryptocurrencies is not planned any time soon, since the webinars are not Alexander Gerchik’s area of focus. He is managing the company and is engaged in trading. Due to this, he does not have enough free time to be able to host new webinars on a daily basis in addition to the existing ones.

Gerchik & Co has a specially designed solution to help you tackle this. Risk Manager is a software that helps to mitigate and limit risks. The founder and president at Gerchik & Co Alex Gerchik and co-founder and CEO Ivan Kroshnyi were actively involved in the creation process.

This software eliminates the human factor which prevents traders from making money. By using this tool you will put the end to trading losses caused by unreasonable risks and inability to stop at the right time.

Enable Risk Manager, keep your losses to a minimum and boost profits!

We have regular analytical reviews covering Forex, cryptocurrency and stock market. During webinars, our experts share how to build and interpret the support and resistance levels on the price charts, analyze trends and, most importantly, explain how to make money through trading. Our website also offers loads of handy information on profitable forex trading.

No, Gerchik & Co does not consider it as necessary.

We have a huge amount of liquidity. In one of the TIMA accounts, our manager enters the market with 300 lots in EUR. This is an order for 30 million U.S. dollars. You can trade 5, 10, or 20 lots without having to worry about anything.

We are not dealing with withdrawal or non-withdrawal of orders to the market. Gerchik & Co works with liquidity providers. What does it mean? In essence, forex is an over-the-counter market that has various liquidity providers (large banks). Each bank places its own bids, offers, and orders and that’s what you see in the order book, for example.

Liquidity providers deal with many banks and companies. All coming orders are then aggregated. When you press the button in the MT4 trading terminal, the order is sent to the liquidity bridge and received by the liquidity provider. After that, the liquidity providers pull together all orders from traders and send them to the market. This is how the market liquidity is ensured.

Gerchik & Co hosts an annual Demo Account Contest to offer the traders a chance to trade large deposits and show their trading skills and talents. The winners then become the TIMA account managers, attract investors successfully and are able to make solid money in Forex.

Everything depends solely on you. The amount of remuneration can vary from 20% to 50%, if you are a super cool trader demonstrating starling profitability. We have got TIMA account managers at Gerchik & Co who charge 50% of the profit, and everyone – both the customers and the traders: remains happy with it, since they are trading quite successfully, generating large profits for their investors.

There are traders who charge as much as 60%, but these are experts demonstrating absolutely phenomenal trading results.

There is a good book titled Stock Secrets by L.Connors and L.Raska, but unlike our videos it does not provide as much in-depth insight. Gerchik & Co offers plenty of video content on this matter, since Alexander Gerchik himself trades false breakouts.

A checklist is essential in work. A trading plan has to include everything and anything. The checklist helps the trader to understand whether the trade is made correctly i.e. whether the trade made by the trader has been executed according to specific rules. The trading plan needs to factor in every little detail so that the trader can eliminate the human factor. How the trader chooses the homework, where and how he/she draws the levels, what he/she does with them after that, what has to be done if there is no impulse - all of this needs to be outlined in the trading plan. At Gerchik & Co, you can make your very own algorithm charge-free. It consists of 35 sections that you need to fill out to get a free trading plan.

First of all, you can practice on a demo account. This option is available at Gerchik & Co. Second of all, you can register to participate in the Contest which offers you a chance to win $1,000 for a TIMA account. Last but not least, make sure to choose Gerchik & Co as your trusted broker.

A demo account is designed for practicing only. The account which offers a full set of needed features available in the trader’s Personal Account is the real (live) account. There are a lot of demo traders, and unfortunately it is impossible to cater to everyone’s needs. The features in real accounts are meant to ensure all of the necessary working conditions for live traders.

Gerchik & Co was forced to abandon one of the European licenses due to constant legislative changes. However, we continue exploring suitable options and intend to obtain another license. People who are aware of how European licenses work know for the fact that the deadlines are being continuously pushed.

It may take up to 90 days for the regulator to provide a relevant response to just one document. This is especially challenging since the legislation keeps changing. The company is currently putting a lot of effort into obtaining a new license. Unfortunately, the regulators continue to impose even stricter rules on provision of the licenses. The time period for their issuing has been extended again and may take up to 3 years. So, as you can see, this is a rather long and complex procedure.

You can trade starting from $100.

Demo accounts provide a trader with a perfect chance to embark on a trading journey using professional instruments. Aside from that, all kinds of contests, which all verified users of Gerchik & Co can participate in, are often held on demo accounts.

This is a specially designed solution which helps the trader to prep for the contests which are held on demo accounts. All participants can try themselves in the world of professional trading.

Yes, we do have partner programs. Everyone who wishes to become a partner of Gerchik & Co and establish an office in any region shall not face any major obstacles in doing so.

The company acquires the data from the Chicago Stock Exchange and broadcasts them to the users. Gerchik & Co provides its clients with information on a free-of-charge basis.

Alexander Gerchik has 20+ years of trading experience, and no one can showcase the levels better than he does. The strategies brought by him to the Russian market have never been used by anyone until 2006. He was the first person to ever talk and explain in layman’s terms how to interpret the levels accurately.

During his workshops, he demonstrates where the level comes from and why it is drawn a certain way. 80% of attendees of Alexander Gerchik’s workshops can then draw the levels exactly where they need to be, having a clear understanding why they are drawn there.

It provides consulting services on the use of all services and products of Gerchik & Co.

Yes, during the workshops, Alexander Gerchik opens real trades and trades online. Both his students and subscribers can witness that in the course of live broadcasts.

You send money to the company’s bank account and we deposit a sub-account for you in the liquidity provider. This is because liquidity providers do not work with private persons.

We are not a market maker on Forex, so we do not participate in trading risks. The company profits off of fees only. This work scheme excludes the company bankruptcy.

The company gets fees placing the orders on the interbank market.

The company shall not be liable for manager’s activity. All managers are independent traders on Forex. The company guarantees transparent working conditions between investor and manager, as well as free withdrawal of any profit gained due to such interrelation.

Yes, it does.

There is no difference in trading on demo and real account.

The company works within a bank scheme, so provides direct liquidity delivery. We get liquidity directly from liquidity providers and pass it to our clients. Liquidity providers give maximum leverage 1:100.

A book, our company works with, implies that you trade directly with the interbank liquidity. So the broker is interested in your long-term work as it profits off of your commission.

B book implies that you trade within the broker company. You trades are not placed on the interbank market, so the broker company is a direct contractor of each client’s trade. Such broker company profits off of client’s losses.

Yes, of course. The company is constantly working on development of new products.

When a trader sends an order, it might occur the liquidity provider can’t execute the trade at the indicted price. So the order might be executed at a price currently present on the market in the specific liquidity providers. The more low-liquid pair, the higher is the probability the order would be executed at the price different than in the order.

Yes, slippages happen, of course. The main reason is the volatile market when the important economic news is released. Price changes so quickly that it can differ in some points from the time of order placing until the time of execution.

Another factor: we are an STP broker and respectively we execute orders by quotes the liquidity providers offer. It’s hard to say how large slippage can be as it depends on the market situation.

We can’t provide the information about liquidity providers as the company has signed the non-disclosure agreement. We constantly work on the increase and choice of the best liquidity providers.

Minimum spread is achieved as we have a large number of liquidity providers, in other words liquidity is aggregated (combined) from all liquidity providers. And when a trader clicks on “buy” or “sell”, an order is executed at the price that was the best among all liquidity providers. This is a reason of such minimum spread (from zero) and a high speed of order execution.